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 Post subject: BANNED LIST ANNOUNCEMENT: January 2017
AgePosted: 2017-Jan-16 3:15 am 
EDH Rules Committee

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Sheldon's piece on the state of the format a couple weeks ago probably gave away this update. As he says, the format is in a healthy place, and we don't see a need to make changes.

Some folks have talked about a preemptive banning of Paradox Engine, but we won't do that. Every card - even Griselbrand - gets to be legal for at least a little while, as we prefer to look at actual play in casual settings over theory. I'll note that the last time we saw this much speculation about a preemptive ban was Shaman of Forgotten Ways, and that card turned out just fine.

Wizards has adopted a new ban schedule that features an additional window five weeks out. To maintain the parallel, we will also make short announcements then, but we do not expect to make changes during those windows except in the unlikely event of an emergency.

We may make small changes to the format philosophy page in the coming weeks. There's no change in the philosophy itself, but it's been a few years since we updated it, and there are bits we feel might be expressed more clearly. So, we're planning to take an active look at it to see what might be improved.

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