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AgePosted: 2017-Dec-02 2:03 am 
EDH Rules Committee

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As we expected, there's been a lot of strong reactions, both positive and negative, to the Un-Celebration. Thanks to all of you who have kept the discourse civilized. We think it'll be a fun six weeks.

However, we've decided that we need to ban an additional card. Nerf War isn't problematic mechanically, and we figured that we didn't need to tell people that they were responsible for making sure not to damage other people's cards. However, we're seeing a lot of people planning a shock and awe approach to try and force a concession, and that's very much missing the spirit of the format. It's also a bit problematic encouraging people to run around game stores and conventions with gun-like objects, and so we feel that Nerf War needs to be removed.

Let's be clear on this: if you are looking for ways to damage an opponent's cards, either out of spite or a desire to get them to concede, we encourage your playgroup, local game store or other organizer to take appropriate action to prevent this.

While we have your attention, we want to clear up a few other pieces of speculation.

* At no point did Wizards ask us to do this. When we told them the plan, they were supportive, but, as normal, they left us to our own devices.

* This is not a test or trial period. It's a chance to do something a little different for a few weeks, and then we'll go back to the usual Commander rules. The only consequence after then for the foreseeable future is that a few playgroups may have discovered some cards they enjoy playing with.

* We have no interest in jeopardizing our various positions in the Magic community for a small short-term profit and have made no effort to buy and sell silver-bordered cards to do so. Full disclosure: I picked up a Hascon promo set when they became available.

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