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 Post subject: Re: Games you felt bad for winning
AgePosted: 2013-Apr-17 1:58 am 
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We were in an epic game last FNM.

Me: Rith Tokens
Player 2: Teysa board control
Player 3: Mono-black enchantment weirdness
Player 4: Arcum (already dead)

I have 6 cards in hand, one of which is a and is known because of a previous

The board has just gotten wiped for like the 5th time, and #3 tried to play a . #2 thinks about it (at 20 life), and asks me if I can kill him on the next turn if he pays the life. I look at my hand, and see that I (regrettably) can only do 9 damage, so I say no which makes him pay the life.
I get to my turn, play , and am about to play the rest of my hand and do the 9 damage when we both realize I have exactly enough to replay for 12. That was probably the most sheepish kill ever...

The mono-black player then sets up his enchantments to ensure I'll be dead in a few turns, and I can't attack him for less than his 90 life because of . I have no answers in hand and it seems pretty well done.

I then top-deck a , getting back the 20+ cards in my graveyard and for the win.

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 Post subject: Re: Games you felt bad for winning
AgePosted: 2013-Apr-26 6:37 am 

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I was going to feel bad …

Four of us just ended a game that took over two hours to play. One player had to go, and we only had forty minutes till the store closed so I pulled out my deck. As we’re shuffling up a fourth players asks to join. (I’ve never seen him before.)

I had a in my opening hand, but can’t play it until turn 3.

I knew my hand was solid until the new guy, playing black and green, for five lands with 6 mana floating. He sixth untapped land in play is . He searches for , , , and .

I was not happy to see this. He taps his targeting forgetting that I played on turn 1. With four mana floating he passes his turn. My turn I am able to for 10: Two sac outles, a Seedguide Ash, Kiki-Jiki, Woodfall Primus and Sun Titan. I blow up the off the Primus trigger.

At some point I play my own and use the to put it back into play.

I proceed to dominate this game while keeping the new guy in check and not letting him make any big mana. I felt bad for blowing up his lands, but when he made every land a big mana threat I can shrug off feeling bad.

The game ended with minutes to spare before the store closed.

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