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Game report: Ninjas in Commander
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Author:  Maluko [ 2015-Jan-12 6:17 am ]
Post subject:  Game report: Ninjas in Commander

Hello, everyone! This epic game happened on Cockatrice, and I thought I'd share it with you. I decided to adopt Sheldon's style of reporting for when he writes articles about games with his friends, as it captures all the details involved in the game. Any feedback you can give is deeply appreciated!

In this game I brought my Ninja deck. It has been updated with some C14 cards since the last time you heard about it. I hope you enjoy it!

Players and their decks:
Tyler: Combo
Grim: Kamigawa Block Tribal
Me: Aggro-Control
Krispy: Stax
Raizen: Goodstuff

Turn 1
Tyler: Forest, .
Grim: Plains. Tyler puts a Forest on the field.
Krispy: . Tyler puts on the field.
Me: Island, . Tyler puts on the field.
Raizen: , . Tyler puts copying a Forest on the field.

Turn 2
Tyler: , sacrifices the Rainforest for a regular forest (39) and casts Titania, targeting Misty Rainforest.
Grim: Plains.
Krispy: Island.
Me: Swamp, .
Raizen: for (37), casts , revealing a in the top, plays from hand.

Turn 3
Tyler: , sacrifices Misty Rainforest for a Forest, gets two Elemental tokens, casts and untaps a forest and Gaea's Cradle (4), casts . In case you haven't been doing the math, Tyler had just played his entire hand by turn 3.
Grim: plays two Plains and casts Celestial Kirin.
Krispy: Island and Swamp.
Me: and . I had two ninjas in my hand to follow Quag Vampires, but decided not to attack because I didn't want to make enemies so soon (my hand was not that good) and Tyler's board was just calling for a reset button, and I didn't want my ninjas caught in the crossfire.
Raizen: reveals a and a from the top, casts (35) copying Titania, returning Windswept Heath from the graveyard. Sacrifices Heath for a Forest (34) and is now revealing in the top. Attacks Krispy with the Oracle (38).

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Turn 4
Tyler: Sacrifices a forest to Rath's Edge, targeting Raizen (33), casts , which Krispy s. Plays , uses Garruk to untap Gaea's Cradle and a Forest (5), sacrifices a Forest for Dust Bowl, targeting Badlands. Attacks Grim (35) and Krispy (33) with two Elementals.
Grim: plays two Plains, casts , destroying all Titanias and Doubling Season. Attacks Garruk with Celestial Kirin (2).
Krispy: plays and Forest.
Me: Island.
Raizen: reveals and from the top, casts , reveals , and from the top, puts back Mikaeus and Tomb. Plays Tomb from the top, casts Cultivate, putting an Island on the battlefield and a Swamp on hand, is now revealing from the top, plays the Swamp, targets Phyrexian Metamorph with Volrath's Stronghold.

Turn 5
Tyler: plays , untaps Gaea's Cradle and a Forest with Garruk (3), casts (his forests were all snow-covered), casts Titania, returning Misty Rainforest to the field. Sacrifices Rainforest for a Forest (37). Attacks Krispy with six Elementals (just what I've been expecting)! I cast targeting Krispy, Titania, an Elemental token controlled by Tyler, and Oracle of Mul Daya. They all die since they are forced to block, and Tyler loses two attacking Elementals. Krispy goes to 18 life. Sacrifices Dark Depths to Dust Bowl, targeting my Underground River. At EOT, Grim casts , destroying Glaring Spotlight, Quag Vampires (leaving me with an empty board) and Sol Ring.
Grim: plays two Plains, attacks Garruk with Kirin; Tyler sacrifices a Forest to Sunstone to prevent the damage. Casts .
Krispy: Casts and (only in Cockatrice could these two cards be played on the same turn :lol: ). Plays and , casts and . Ancient Tomb deals two damage (16).
Me: play Swamp and , casts , putting a card on bottom.
Raizen: plays Island and Swamp. Attacks Garruk with an Elemental token. Tyler is tapped out and Garruk leaves. Casts Cultivate, putting a Forest on the field and an Island in hand.

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Turn 6
Tyler: Casts , plays two Forests, and , casts Titania, plays another Forest. I'm suspecting he didn't attack because Yosei was freaking him out. He was the main threat at the moment after all.
Grim: plays two Plains (as usual), casts , destroying Innocence Kami and Titania. Again. Casts on with spliced on it and targeting Krispy; Celestial Kirin destroyed both Sunstone and Rites of Flourishing. Kirin attacks Krispy, gaining Grim 3 life (43).
Krispy: Mana Crypt deals 3 damage to him (13), casts . In response, Raizen casts , sacrificing a Swamp and searching for , targeting Tyler; I cast on Gaea's Cradle, and Tyler discards it. Raizen has the most cards in hand (6), and Windfall resolves. Plays and casts Phyrexian Metamorph, copying Yosei, casts and .
Me: I carefully studies everyone's hands. Seeing Grim's hand was particularly useful because of his Kirin, but Tyler was the most dangerous of us because he had in his hand and four Elemental tokens on the field. I had to make my moves carefully now. Play Island, cast , and , equipping Sai to it. At EOT, Raizen casts for . Now that I think of it, I didn't play carefully at all...
Raizen: casts Bane of Progress. In response Krispy activated Elixir of Immortality before, gaining 5 life (18). Six permanents were destroyed, including Telepathy. Casts for a Forest, casts Life From the Loam, returning Swamp, Island and Misty Rainforest, plays Island.

Turn 7
Tyler: Casts , plays and sacrifices Misty Rainforest, casts , activates Mikokoro, sacrifices a Forest for Dust Bowl to destroy Temple of the False God.
Grim: Plains, , .
Krispy: .
Me: Vela the Night-Clad. Attack Grim with Ashling (since only I can attack him and avoid triggering Yosei) (39), he sacrifices Celestial Kirin. Play .
Raizen: Ancient Tomb, , targeting Crucible of Worlds. Attacks Krispy with Bane of Progress and an Elemental token. Krispy targets Bane with and blocks the Elemental with Yosei. Yosei targets Tyler and all his Elementals and Raizen searches for a basic land, but he has none left!

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Turn 8
Tyler: , activates it targeting one of his own forests just to cast , which gives him .
Grim: goes to 41 life thanks to Honden, Plains, activate Genju five times (which basically gives it five lifelinks), attacks Krispy with it (16 vs. 51).
Krispy: Badlands, Sliver Queen.
Me: attack Grim with Ashling (47), he sacrifices Kami of the Painted Road. Play Reliquary Tower.
Raizen: Swamp, targeting (it was previously discarded by Windfall). Casts Duplicant targeting Yosei, but Krispy saves it with Tower of the Magistrate. It is at this moment that me, Raizen and Tyler vow to kill Krispy.

Turn 9
Tyler: attacks Krispy with all his creatures, Queen makes a token and both block two Elementals; Maze of Ith saves one of the tokens and Krispy goes to 2. Casts .
Grim: goes to 49 life, Yosei attacks Tyler (31), then casts in an attempt to save Krispy. Sadly for him, Vela seals his fate, and Krispy is wiped out of the game. Everybody else loses 3 life (Tyler 28, Grim 46, Raizen 30). Casts Celestial Kirin.
Me: , Vela. At EOT, Raizen casts .
Raizen: Misty Rainforest, . He reveals five very dangerous cards and gives them to me. I put Clever Impersonator and on one pile and , and on another. He chooses the creature pile and casts Consecrated Sphinx. Attack Tyler with Teferi (25). At EOT, Tyler Expeditions for a Tower of the Magistrate and activates Mikokoro. Raizen refills his hand with the Sphinx.

Turn 10
Tyler: it becomes clear that Raizen is gaining too much power, so Tyler makes the bold, but wise, move of casting . In response, Tyler activates Volrath's Stronghold targeting . Because Raizen has no more basic lands in his deck, his mana base was reduced from fifteen to a mere seven lands. This is why you should always pack your decks with basic lands, folks!
Grim: Plains, casts , destroying Vela (Tyler 24, Grim 45, Raizen 27) and Sphinx with Kirin, casts , destroying Teferi. All the players' boards are now clean except for Grim. Attacks me with Celestial Kirin (37). This was the first time I was attacked this game, on turn 10. Not bad!
Me: and .
Raizen: dredges Life from the Loam during the draw step. , . He discarded Watery Grave during the cleanup step.

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Turn 11
Tyler: , . Nissa animated a Forest.
Grim: , . Nissa was destroyed and Horizon Seed regenerated. Cast .
Me: attack Tyler with Liege (22) and Raizen with Thada (24). Steal and cast . However, I noticed other very dangerous stuff in his library, so I cast targeting Raizen and exiling , and Mikaeus, the Unhallowed.
Raizen: me and Grim voted homage, so Raizen drew a card. I drew two cards with Mind's Eye. Cast , Life from the Loam targeting Bojuka Bog, play Bojuka Bog targeting Grim, cast targeting in my graveyard (18). Discarded Rhystic Study during cleanup.

Turn 12
Tyler: cast Titania targeting Ghost Quarter, play , targets his own Forest with Quarter, searching for another, sacrifices Foothills, and gains three Elemental tokens. Attacks Grim with the animated Forest (41).
Grim: cast Celestial Kirin using Untaidake (39), casts Horizon Seed, destroying Titania (poor Titania...), casts Kami of the Palace Fields, destroying Wrexial.
Me: (38), Thada Adel and .
Raizen: Silent-Blade Oni.

Turn 13
Tyler: he finally casts Craterhoof Behemoth that has been waiting patiently in his hand for a long time and obliterates Raizen. Plays and copies Untaidake with Thespian's Stage.
Grim: , destroying Thada Adel, and .
Me: , Vela the Night-Clad.

Turn 14
Tyler: Tower of the Magistrate, casts Titania using Untaidake (19), repeating the same old shenanigans with Ghost Quarter, destroys my Dismal Backwater with Wasteland. Attacks me with three Elementals, a Forest and Behemoth (which I block with Djinn). I go to 19. Casts and plays and , emptying his hand.
Grim: casts Hikari, Twilight Guardian (guess what, Titania :twisted: ), and Slumbering Tora. At EOT I use Djinn to switch the control of Ghost-Lit Redeemer and Craterhoof Behemoth, just as a safety measure. In response Grim taps the Redeemer (41).
Me: targeting all Elemental tokens, , returning Soaring Seacliff to my hand. Attack Tyler with Vela (13).

Turn 15
Tyler: Titania is summoned again, and returns Ghost Quarter again, which gives Tyler two more tokens again. Activates Oran-Rief, the Vastwood.
Grim: Plains. Attacks Tyler with Hikari (7), putting him at enough life for me to kill him next turn.
Me: attack Tyler with Vela and Liege, wiping him out. Grim gets Ghost-Lit Redeemer back. I cast and stealing Slumbering Tora.

Turn 16
Grim: Plains (he has 18 lands by now, while I have only 12), attacks me with everything. I block Hikari with Djinn and Horizon Seed with Master Thief. Seed is destroyed and I go to 9. Casts and sacrifices it to destroy Dire Undercurrents.
Me: , , targeting all of Grim's creatures. Grim casts on Celestial Kirin, which triggers Hikari and exiles it. Kami of the Palace Fields soulshifts into Horizon Seed, and everything else is destroyed. Cast targeting Kirin and ciphering it to Vela. Attack with Vela, Liege and Master Thief; Master Thief Ninjutsus into . Grim goes to 30 life.

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Turn 17
Grim: I give thanks to Djinn of Infinite Deceits. If it wasn't for him, I would've lost to a topdecked . Attacks me with Hikari, I block with Djinn, casts Charge, returning four Plains, and Djinn is destroyed. Casts Horizon Seed.
Me: play . Attack with Vela, Liege and Ninja of the Deep Hours. Ninjutsu the Ninja with , which destroys Hikari at last. Grim goes to 19 life, Hands of Binding keeps the Kirin pinned down. Cast Master Thief, stealing Slumbering Tora again.

Turn 18
Grim: Plains.
Me: Attack with everything. Grim goes to 5. Hands of Binding keep the Kirin controlled, and Throat Slitter destroys Horizon Seed.

On the next turn, Grim draws and concedes. Well done, Vela, I am proud of you :')

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Author:  Nigerian Prince [ 2015-Jul-07 11:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Game report: Ninjas in Commander

I have a hard time remembering what happened three turns ago... How the hell do you manage to recap an entire game turn by turn?

Are you part Vulcan? Do you make a habit of filming your games to watch again later? Or do you have some kind of secretary to keep a log? 'Cause that would be really usefull in our games, it would end a lot of heated discussions. "No, I'm sorry Nigerian Prince, you clearly stated five turns ago that you considered tutoring lame and close to funwrecking, so by general consent your fizzles!"

Author:  Segrus [ 2015-Jul-08 12:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Game report: Ninjas in Commander

Author:  Nigerian Prince [ 2015-Jul-08 6:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Game report: Ninjas in Commander

Ah, that makes sense, never heard of Cockatrice (Except that little green lizard).

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