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Doin EDH tourney at local gaming convention and need help
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Author:  Djskype [ 2016-Aug-02 3:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Doin EDH tourney at local gaming convention and need help

Hi everyone. first time poster here but I can tell i'll love this forum :-)

Anyway, im working with a local Gay gaming convention in my area and im wanting to do a EDH tournament there. Ive never thrown one or been in one but have some ideas ill share and would love feedback on things i should and should not do.

First off, i have two ideas on how i can do this tournament.

1st:Depending on how many players we get i was thinking on doing 3 or 4 player rounds and a point system on what place you got in the round. 1st=4pts, 2nd=3pts, 3rd=2pts, 4th=1pts. And have players play 3 or 4 rounds or something. That way its not a 1v1 match so when you lose, your out. At the end you add up your points and most points win.

2nd (which im favoring):Where each player gets 1 or 2 point to hand out at the end of a round to another player/players (besides themselves) who they enjoyed playing against the most and the most points at the end wins. That way it keeps people from playing crazy competive decks that win in 4 turns.

I also asked a bunch of people on a few websites if they be willing to donate things they hand make as a prize in exchange for promoting them and got a bunch of stuff. Ill have a grand prize with a few awesome things and then a 2nd and 3rd place prize(s) and maybe some MTG stickers or something for the rest who participated

Also i think i want to do round timers. Suggestion on how long they sould be?

Also I will not allow proxy cards or decks more/less than 100 cards

I think ill use the ban list here

Any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated

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