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 Post subject: Storytime: Suicidal RaiRai vs. Evil Greg
AgePosted: 2016-Aug-27 8:24 am 
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If you recall, in my vegas playgroup there is this ancient MTG player whom has a vast archive of cards that is the bane of our existence, well this is where the day that we became the bane of his existence:

Setting down for a game with Me, a couple others, lets refer them via their commanders though, Jarad and Aurelia, and Evil Greg playing his infamous Kaalia deck. This is the first time Evil Greg will encounter my Boundless Nightmares prototype deck with Phenax as my commander. He immediately becomes public enemy #1 as the two others are fiercely attempted to null his ramp by playing Smash to Smithereens and Naturalize while I go mainly unnoticed for this time.

I manage to Mind Rot quite a few of Evil Greg's Hand, sending Avacyn into time out, while Curse of the Bloody tome worked its magic on Jarad, unfortunately aiding him in advertantly though he was mainly targeting Evil Greg. Our collective victim manages to finally get his Kaalia out after four turns of shenanigans with Greaves in hand accompanying his commander, though with no formal back up. He attempts to draw using an instant but only yields land and attempts to use a demon for a draw engine.

Fortunately his turn was after mine so having taken advantage of Tempt with Discovery combined with a Semblance Anvil, in came the Omen Machine at a reduced cost and Descent into Madness. This is where Evil Greg begins chomping at the bit, extremely alarmed by the suicidal nature of my Deck that quickly becomes horrifyling crazy. Every turn that now passes is a countdown to a dark tide, while the others have accepted this while I continously mill Evil Greg's Deck using Phenax's ability along with my Ingestors.

He struggles to succeed for the next few turns until he finally scoops then looks at me with extreme dissapproval for said deck, then comes my turn to face the Smackdown from Jarad. I use Tormod's Crypt as a final screw you to Jarad before the Auriela came for his triumphant victory. Overall we considered beating Evil Greg a success.


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