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There's no crying in Magic
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Author:  peasant [ 2018-Aug-10 6:40 am ]
Post subject:  There's no crying in Magic

I want to describe a situation which occurs frequently (as in every night, every game) in our 4 person playgroup. I need your advice.

We have 4 people in our playgroup (me, Andy, Jim and Ben) and we play commander format in a wide open structure. Anyone can attack or play cards in any direction or across. As we approach the mid-game or later when a significant board threat enters play Ben will do one of two things. Stay quiet if he has an in hand solution/answer to the threat or he starts crying about the board threat in a help me help me someone take it out manner. I am talking about a grown man almost 40 years old. It's gotten nauseating the carrying on about a card in a game of magic. You would think he was being threatened IRL. I can't stress enough the sickening nature of the actions. It goes on and on until the threat is removed (usually by another player). I never respond except to say, it's a very good card for the environment as I never take it out when it's someone else's or I deal with it when it affects me or my board. Win, Lose or Draw doesn't matter to me I JUST WANT THE CRYING TO STOP. Has anyone else encountered this behavior and how did they squelch same? I will add that the players and their types are (Andy- a Timmy, Jim- a Spike and Ben- a Johnny or (Joanie) as I call it when the crying begins). Any help would be appreciated as calling him out on it (shaming) does little to this shameless person. My brother thinks I should bring a crying towel to the game to hand him when it starts (LMAO).

BTW, last night I played a Galecaster Colossus from my Wizard Commander deck and you would have thought I had turned over the card table on top of him (especially nauseating).

I will add that Ben is a good friend, a good person with their heart in the right place but enough is enough.


Author:  Sovarius [ 2018-Aug-10 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: There's no crying in Magic

If they are your friend *and* shameless, i don't know what you could do? If they weren't your friend, you could tell them you don't want to play anymore. Maybe since they are your friend they don't feel as pressured to hear you when you say the crying is enough?

I would tell them 'look, you are a grown ass man, and if you are going to cry over this game i don't want to be friends with you anymore'.

I (think) drove 2 whiners out of our weekly competitive event. They weren't just people who were upset at bad luck, they were nonstop talkative about how stupid other players at the table were (to their faces) and how they weren't the most threatening deck (and in various situations didn't have the most threatening deck but did have the currently most threatening board state).

I told both of them to cool it because they were coming off rude to other players (especially new ones who aren't as rules savvy and apt at threat assessment at times). They continue. They were whiny, had a victim complex, and were very sore losers and would literally say things like "how do i lose to shitty decks"/"i knew edh was for stupid people but wow" etc. They would whine about how long others' turns were, but then take convoluted turns themselves where they fumbled combos and math and decision trees or tutors. They were just always like this.

A few times i would say something like "don't blow up my stuff, i'm not the one whining constantly", or one time there was a 5+/X doublestrike infect on an open board and i was personally being threatened and i said "but if you attack them, we don't have to sit here and listen to them complain about everything", and it got them killed (and i destroyed their Grafted Exoskeleton on end step anyway).

Now i can't be too sure, but i do think there is a reasonable chance i got both of them to go away.

Author:  peasant [ 2018-Aug-18 6:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: There's no crying in Magic

Thanks for the reply! I think I will take your advice and have a talk with Ben about this abhorrent behavior.

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