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Author:  iceage4life [ 2008-Jun-10 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  Cool Plays Thread

Figure I'd make a thread for cool plays, not so much good stories as good one liners.

Online game today we're down to 1v1. He Enslaves my Garza Zol with Sword of Fire and Ice on it. My turn I cast Insurrection, swing with it draw two cards including Twisted Justice. Target myself and sac her to draw seven cards. Replay her next turn equip sword and swing for 21 points of general damage.

That game also saw someone loose a clash when they flipped Insurrection :oops:

Author:  goretusker [ 2008-Sep-27 1:22 pm ]
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4 player game
1 player already dead

player 1: play Phage
player 2: play's False Demise on player 3's creature
Player 3: play's Enchantment alteration on False demise, changing it's Target to Phage, Casts Threaten on Phage...swing at player 1...Sac to Fling..


Author:  urielxvi [ 2008-Sep-27 3:56 pm ]
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Turn 1: Island -> Sol Ring -> U/B Talisman-> Ancestral Visions
Turn 2: Island -> Future Sight -> They scooped

Author:  LogantheBard [ 2008-Sep-28 8:50 pm ]
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In a duel against Rhys the Redeemed, he's got 37 creatures in play, and thanks to Wellwisher he's up to 60 ish. Thanks to Stream of Life and a Forked Dawnglow Infusion I'm still at 34. I look at Tamanoa and Fauntline with Sylvan Library, so I take both and drop to thirty. Thanks to Doubling Cube, Mirari's Wake, and Heartbeat, I'm able to play Tamanoa and Faultline for 29 in the same turn. Faultline hits 40 targets (his 37 creatures, my tamanoa, and both players), I drop to 1, then gain 1160 life from Tamanoa. That was the highest life I've ever been at without some infinite combo. Needless to say he scooped to my 1200 point life swing. Surprised

Author:  Poesjuh [ 2009-Jan-09 6:07 am ]
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Not really EDH, but also a fun MP game.
I played my normal MP deck, that's about 105 cards or so, it's basically all the good cards of every color combined with a lot of draw and tutoring and about 6 kills or so :P Most of the times in the beginning of the game I'm not doing all that much, but later in the game I p0wn the living shit out of everybody ^^ My opponents played a Standard bant deck (UWB) and a casual Staxx (or Legacy, I don't know).

Pretty early in the game the Staxx player had a Ensnaring Bridge + 1 Propaganda followed by a Mana Vortex. HEIR HEIR, now we have to sac a land every single turn. Good thing I Gripped his Crucible of Worlds ^^

I had 2 Birds of Paradise and a Isochron Scepter + AK with 3 more AK's in the graveyard, so 4 cards a turn ^^. Also I had 2 Rhystic Study's (later followed by a 3th) which allowed me to draw a LOT of cards.
The bant player was already pretty much toast by then, he had the opportunity to kill me but didn't because I really was the only hope he had of winning. He did kill the Staxx player's Tezzeret, so we pretty much were all screwed by that stupid Mana Vortex.

Thanks to my insurb drawing combined with a Library of Leng (heir heir ^^) I could play a land each turn. Thinks would go on a while like this and I just drew more and more cards. Because I had so many, I thought let's play an Empyrial Armor + Empyrial Plate on one of my Birds, which grew to a whopping 80/81 or so. In the end I had to play a Burning Wish for a Reminisce to prevent me from decking.

After that I played put my Empyrial Plate on the other Birds, Plowed that to gain life, played a Fastbond, about 20 land, triple Oblivion Ring on Bridge + 2 Propaganda (by this time I had 2 Ghostly Prison myself ^^), put the Empyrial Plate on my 3rd birds and smashed both players into oblivion ^^

All in all, it was pretty funny to have that much cards in your hand and absolutely dominate the game ^^

Author:  Vorosh [ 2009-Jan-09 8:30 am ]
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Eye of the storm + knowledge exploitation= play all of your opponents instants and socerys and hope one is a mill/burn card :D

Author:  cereal [ 2009-Jan-10 4:37 pm ]
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3 player game. Player a steals player b's mirror entity and swings with his team at me activating entity for some huge number.......... only to have his entire team wiped off the board with my spirit mirror O_o

Author:  Squirrely [ 2009-Jan-12 3:10 pm ]
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Last friday I played a 1v1 game with my Sek'Kuar against a friend playing my Doran deck.

I recently added Doubling Season to Sek'Kuar and I immediately felt the power:

I had a Doubling Season and Homura in play, and I played Liliana Vess.
I used her ultimate (thanks DS!) to get all creatures from graveyards in play and amongst other things, in my graveyard were:

Predator Dragon with 20 counters on it (who got to munch on a lot of stuff, including:)
Symbiotic Wurm, making 14 tokens
Deranged Hermit, making 10 tokens

Man, that was fun!

Author:  Harriet [ 2009-Jan-27 8:42 pm ]
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I had great fun dealing 20 damage, with 2 2/2 creatures. Played Mirror Entity, swung with Kinsbaile Cavalier and Knight of the White Orchid, made them 5/5 with double strike. A little later, got to do something similar, hitting someone with a 7/7 spirit token he had very generously given me from Forbidden Orchard.

Author:  paperwarrior [ 2009-Jan-27 9:06 pm ]
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I was playing with Kresh a couple of nights ago, and it got down to me against Konda. He had out Konda with a Loxodon Warhammer equipped, Adarkar Valkyrie, and Serra Avatar. He was at 105 life. On my turn, I look through my graveyard, then play a Profane Command for 5. Give Konda -5/-5 and return Shriekmaw to kill the Serra Avatar. He responds by activating the Valkyrie to return the Avatar. Avatar goes to the graveyard, he stacks the abilities so that it returns to play before it would get shuffled into his library. While those are on the stack, I use my Necrogenesis to remove the Avatar from the game. End result: Kresh gets 106 +1/+1 counters, I have a shiny new Shriekmaw and he's got an empty board.

Unfortunately, he also had Kor Haven and I lost. Still, giant creatures=good times.

Author:  Poesjuh [ 2009-Feb-11 2:38 pm ]
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My Teneb vs a more casual Radiant, Archangel deck. I pretty much 0wned his ass the whole game, so he basically allowed me to go broken, so I did just that. I had Liliana in play + Survival, ditched every creature that I could find and didn't screw me into the graveyard and then to activate Liliana and get everything back along with 4 creatures from him, including Akroma and Silver Seraph (nice, everything +2/+2 ^^). The same turn I play a Mirari's Wake and prepare for a Decree of Justice the next turn.

That turn I play the decree for 16 7/7 flyers due to Seraph and Wake. The turn after that I smash him to tiny pieces, 257 damage ^^

Obviously he would normally have scooped already because I 0wned him big time, but since he was a friend of mine (we goodfellas' :P) he allowed me to play on and pray for his topdeck Wrath of God :P It was pretty fun though, seeing how evil my deck can be.

Author:  Zur [ 2009-Feb-11 9:26 pm ]
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Here's another mirror entity story, just to show how raw it is:

turns 1 and 2, mana ramp
turn 3, Siege Gang Commander.
turn 4, Mirror Entity; swing for 8
turn 5, swing for 30

he had taken 2 off of lands so that was the win.

Author:  Jeyal [ 2009-Feb-12 11:45 pm ]
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5-player multi game.

Herald of Leshrac hits play. It's controller isn't in great position, but the minion is good enough to stave off all of the attacks.

Soon, the Heralds got 8 age counters on it, and it's roughly 24/26, but the upkeep will kill it.

So he casts Fling. And then Time Stops in response to the Fling. And the "goes to graveyard" trigger.

Author:  Aleph [ 2009-Feb-14 5:49 am ]
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Jeyal wrote:
5-player multi game.

Herald of Leshrac hits play. It's controller isn't in great position, but the minion is good enough to stave off all of the attacks.

Soon, the Heralds got 8 age counters on it, and it's roughly 24/26, but the upkeep will kill it.

So he casts Fling. And then Time Stops in response to the Fling. And the "goes to graveyard" trigger.

Best play ever.

Author:  PNineFTW [ 2009-Feb-18 1:14 am ]
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I'll post something that happened against me.

Him, Turn 1: Land
Me: Land, Sol Ring
Him, Turn 2: Land
Me: Land, Frantic Search-untap 2 lands, Vampiric Tutor for Survival of the Fittest
Him, Turn 3: Land
Me: Land, Survival of the Fittest, discard a creature to SotF, Tarmogoyf
Him: Land, Decimate destroying my Sol Ring, SotF, Tarmogoyf and a land...

I didn't immediately scoop following that but I should have... I was definately Decimated.

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