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 Post subject: Re: Deg Rants
AgePosted: 2017-Jun-09 4:59 pm 

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wtf... no oversized cards?


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 Post subject: Re: Deg Rants
AgePosted: 2017-Jun-09 10:15 pm 

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Also, SSG: The distribution model in the US doesn't allow for SSG to just buy up all the MTG product in a given release. They have to buy it from distributors who have other clients. So the volume of stock SSG procures is measured in the remaining stock in a print run that other stores do not pre-order. If other stores order more, SSG (or anyone, because any shop can do this) will not be able to purchase as large quantities. Distributors don't short other clients to keep stock for SSG and SSG needs to shell out a lot of cash for a lot of stock. That's a lot of variables to be basing your "SSG are buying out Commander Anthology!" theory on.

What's more likely in your scenario is that they have identified a short-run, high demand product that they are prepared to stock and sit on at a higher sales prices, even if that means slower up-front sales, until the market sells out and they are the only show in town. Nothing guarentees that they will then sell out at their higher price point.

Other possibility and, given WotC's distribution ethos, the most likely: They have received less product than their anticipated demand and have priced the product at a point they feel their stock will sell at.

Nothing stops WotC ordering a second print run, though they generally don't on non-booster products unless previously planned, because there's more non-packaging, non-card raw materials to be sourced, paid for, produced, shipped & assembled than in a booster box, which is essenitally only 5 elements: Card stock, foil pack wrap, display cardboard, shrink wrap & outer carton. These 5 elements are part of every single release WotC makes so they source and stock in bulk.

In the Commander set the display box is a unique cut, the molded tray a second unique production, the counters are a different material from the bulked dice they sell in Fat-packs so that plastic element would have to be sourced, molded & assembled seperately (and you don't produce plastic elements in paper factories or vice-versa so shipped to the full assembly platform along with the inner tray too), the deckboxes are a new design so the minimum order quantity for any reprint would have to be respected and then the cards in each deck (not forgetting that there's unique foils that also have a MOQ to respect).

So put all that together and, unless WotC have announced multiple shipment waves to distributors, SSG and everyone else are scrambling to get their hands on a volume of product that meets their individual anticipated demand. Remember, Commander product started coming out just as the Commander wave started to swell. A lot of current players never got the chance to buy some of these decks. It will be popular.

If players are willing to pay MSRP + 60% or whatever, that's fine. If they are not, SSG will lower their prices until the market responds by buying their stock.

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