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 Post subject: /r/EDH
AgePosted: 2018-Aug-28 8:29 am 
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I posted a couple of questions on /r/EDH yesterday and got some really helpful answers but man the mods and rules there are... interesting, aren't they? Within the space of one day I ran up against the following:
  • Got a automated message that my post would not appear because I didn't put a post flair on
  • Got a automated message that my post would not appear because I didn't put a post flair on, even though I had done that
  • Had a post rejected because it was less than 250 characters (it was a short question)
  • Had my post flair changed by a mod because apparently asking for advice on cards to put in a deck does not fall under the "DECK HELP" category, because I didn't post a complete deck list
  • Got a message that I was posting too often because I tried to answer two different questions within 10 minutes of each other
All in the space of about 8 hours or so. That's a little over the top, IMO, or is it just me?

Edit well it's not just me, just read this post on that sub:
I actually don't have much else to say but I have to hit the 250 character limit. How is everyone? I'm at work right now so this 250char limit is really busting my balls. Will I reach 250 characters before my boss sees? I hope so. I'm a truck driver so my boss is like 500 miles away but anything can happen. Anyway discuss the giant wurm!!


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 Post subject: A haven of troll and villainy
AgePosted: 2018-Aug-31 11:39 am 

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I got the impression the mods have a much more "keep walking, move along, stay in your designated lane" view of the board than a lot of other places because of the sheer volume and...volatility of the /r/EDH community. See a lot of "people here are too X" posts and the odd "this used to not be a shitty board" post.

Though I might be biased by a few unlucky viewings.

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 Post subject: Re: /r/EDH
AgePosted: 2018-Sep-01 1:58 pm 
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I actually remember that trucker line. Got a good laugh out of me. But I haven't actually tried to post a new thread on that sub. I can never think of anything which won't just get removed. I don't have any good, in depth analysis on a deck I've built, for example.

Decklists are posted here. They can all be found in the Decklist Forum.

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