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 Post subject: Re: What features go in a playmat?
AgePosted: 2018-Nov-04 10:19 am 
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Wolfsbane706 wrote:
OldVig wrote:
Tim Proctor wrote:
I should note that I've never used a playmat before and I don't want to go through the trouble of doing this and coming to the realization that I should have done X or Y and then not have done it. Thus me attempting to identify what other people enjoy out of their playmat usage and such.

Play with your playmat picture facing away from you: so many people
go on tilt at this... maybe my meta is overrepresented by ocd people :P

Off topic, but I have a liking for turning the top card of my friend's decks around between games. Sometimes they catch it, sometimes they don't. It's hilarious when they do catch it, though.

This is getting more and more off-topic, but we used to play with the "Illuminati" (by Steve Jacksom Games) rules for any gaming etc at a friend's house. Essentially, if you get up to get a drink or go to the bathroom, your stuff is fair game. I once replaced my friend's hand with 3 basics and 2 rampant growths. One time I got up and found all my lands in my graveyard and my Dawn Elemental in my hand. Don't even get me started on Monopoly...when I tell my friend "You can be the bank, brb" and everyone suddenly has an extra $5,000...haha.

Jasmine Boreal - Flower power! Nature/Justice/Retribution themed casual fun.
Radha, Heir to Keld - All white-bordered!
Xantcha, Sleeper Agent - cEDH discard/attrition.
A Denying Wind.
Duel Commander:
Nissa, Vastwoord Seer - Ramp ramp ramp into Ugin+Painter's Servant.
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider - Unbridled Aggro

Find me Saturdays at the Wizard's Tower - Ottawa and occasional Mondays at Westboro Legion for Duel Commander.

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