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Explosive Growth
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Author:  Kemev [ 2019-Jan-10 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Explosive Growth

A quick perspective on how this game has grown...

When I joined this forum, I had just moved to mid- New York from Atlanta. I couldn't find anyone who had heard of Commander before, so I ended up mooching around here, 'cause thinking about EDH was better than nothing. There was only one LGS in the area that bothered to stock the original Commander decks... they only got a couple of each. I got trash talked by the local grinders for buying one; they informed me that the "correct" purchase was to get the Zedruu deck for the Flusterstorm, then drop the rest of the deck in the garbage. They were thoroughly befuddled that I actually played this dumb gimmick format.

This past year, I was working in inventory management for a major retailer... I was very disappointed with the guy who does specialty/hobby buying, 'cause he significantly under-purchased on Commander 2018. The business sold thousands and thousands of units, and could have sold ~20,000 if they had committed to stocking them through the holiday.

And this was one store. Commander 2018 was in every big box and indy retailer this past fall.

Author:  Coco [ 2019-Jan-11 6:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Explosive Growth

So what you are saying is that he should have paid more to get the most out of the Explosive Growth.


Author:  niheloim [ 2019-Jan-11 6:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Explosive Growth

For better and worse EDH has grown into Commander and Commander has growth large.

I think its overall been a great thing to watch and experience- to see something you love flourish.

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