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Game of Thrones Death Squares
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Author:  Sheldon [ 2019-Apr-15 3:44 am ]
Post subject:  Game of Thrones Death Squares

Got into a pool with some WotC-associated folks. The list consists of 25 characters and who kills who. There's obviously some dead money (no pun intended), but I have a couple of strong ones, which I've moved up to the top of the list:

Jaime kills Cersei
Jon Snow kills Jaime
Arya kills Bronn
Arya kills the Mountain
Brienne kills Bronn
Brienne kills Sam
Dany kills Podrick Payne
Davos kills Podrick
Euron kills Sam
Euron kills Sansa
Grey Worm kills Dany
Jorah kills Davos
Jorah kills Tormund
Melisandre kills Euron
Qyburn kills Jon Snow
Sam kills Theon
The Mountain kills The Night King
The Night King kills The Mountain
Theon kills Euron Greyjoy
Tormund kills Grey Worm

Author:  Kemev [ 2019-Apr-15 7:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Game of Thrones Death Squares

First episode was a major tease. I feel like we got an extended trailer for the season.

Cersei kills Euron.
Jon Snow kills Tyrion.
Jon Snow kills Sam.
Arya marries Gendry.
Arya kills Cersei. Qyburn gets the assist.
Varys kills Qyburn.
Sansa reverts to her earlier role and contributes nothing of additional value.
Davos kills Melisandre.
The Hound kills the Mountain.
Bronn kills the Hound (finally, we get the duel teased in Season 2).
Jaime kills Brienne.
Podrick kills Jaime.
Killing spree! The Night King and his legion kill Beric, Tormund, Grey Worm, Theon, Jorah and generally any other B-lister whose face you recognize...
...except for Dolorous Edd, who improbably survives the series
Bran destroys the Night King. Jon and Dany get the assist.
Yara sails off into the sunset.
Lyanna Mormont strikes the Captain Morgan pose atop a pyramid of dead wights.

Author:  Treamayne [ 2019-Apr-15 8:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Game of Thrones Death Squares


who kills GRRM?

Author:  Kemev [ 2019-Apr-15 10:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Game of Thrones Death Squares

A sedentary lifestyle playing Civ V?

Author:  Mr Degradation [ 2019-Apr-16 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Game of Thrones Death Squares

Treamayne wrote:

who kills GRRM?

Heart disease is the statistically sound choice.


Instead of a strictly speaking deadpool, I'll go with a bit of prognostication.

-The Night's King kills most of the cast

-Varys goes out as a martyr at Bran's command

-Winterfell survives the Night's King's march through some flavor of MacGuffin involving the weirwood trees. Frustrated, he just continues marching southbound.

-The Crannogmen convincingly survive the Night's King's march southward

-Howland and Meera Reed come to the main cast with important information about how to communicate with the Night's King.

-King's Landing becomes a (bigger) smoking crater

-This information gives Bran the ultimatum, possibly as a callback to scene 2 of both the book and show, where Ned tells Bran "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword"- since both Jon and Robb have had to learn very painful lessons about what that ancient wisdom truly means. This goes on my assumption that the Night's King is a force of karmic retribution- instead of just a vengeful lich that wants to wipe humanity from the face of Planetos. Re: Torah/Biblical Devil (mankind's cosmic mentor, whose lessons involve humility and dangers of easy power/solutions) vs. Western Zeitgeist Devil (complete with goat legs, sodomy, sadism, and moral panics.)

-The epilogue introduces a world that's more eager to embrace democracy (historically, the much preferable alternative to petty war.)

What I want:
-Yara/Asha kills Euron. In the novels, Aeron would also be acceptable.
-Jon kills Mellisandre on accident, pulling a burning sword from her chest
-Gendry survives (unlikely)

Author:  MarilynSingleton [ 2019-Jul-10 11:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Game of Thrones Death Squares

The game is done rather interesting and for the fans of the series. But as for the plot, it can be a little other. Or more thought over. Something like that.

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