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 Post subject: Re: I am 100% PISSED OFF right now
AgePosted: 2019-Aug-01 12:26 pm 

Joined: 2019-Aug-01 4:00 am
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Viperion wrote:
For those of you who aren't friends with Sheldon on Facebook or don't follow him on there;

He has received a DEATH THREAT from a Magic player over the recent bannings.

Just let that sink in for a second.

No, really.

Think about it.


This post has been brewing for some time now, actually. There have been a lot of people joining this forum recently whose posting style, to put it mildly, is pure childishness.

From the multitude of new accounts that begin with the attitude "I know better than all of you" to the accounts that "know" that the people on the Rules Committee are the ones designing the annual Commander products, to the ones posting decklists with banned cards in them, to the ones that immediately start insulting anyone and everyone that has a dissenting opinion. It's really tiring, and lately I've actually been dreading reading this forum because of the sheer number of posters lately that seem to be here only to be combative and argumentative.

I think that's a trend over the internet as a whole lately, but this place (and a few others I'm on) - up until recently - has been one of the few places where you can still have a civil discussion. That's disappearing, and that's a real shame.

As much as I want to hear other people's opinions and points of view, the manner in which these posts are being made is set up from the start to be argumentative and antagonistic, which of course provoke a similar response, which then spirals into reddit-level squabbles. (I'm as guilty of this as many others, unfortunately).

Let's be nice to each other, guys. Please?

Here's something that will make you feel better :)

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 Post subject: Re: I am 100% PISSED OFF right now
AgePosted: 2019-Aug-29 1:36 am 

Joined: 2019-Apr-29 9:42 pm
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I won’t defend this sorta behavior but I sorta want to drawl attention to the other behavior on the forum. Which some seem to be talking about in conjunction with the death threats the Sheldon.

The community is made of people some who fee vary strong and often are rash actors of ill intent to themselves more often then others.

However I think it’s time to tackle these ideas of what is and isn’t acceptable in polite discussion. First time I entered the forums I wanted to see what the RC and rest of the community thought of our particular playgroup or format of edh with sol ring and infinite combos/loops being ban, but the ability to test cards in the ban list such as reoccuring nightmare.

Of all the responses I got I had two people down my throat about how they wouldn’t play with me because I’m a bad person or because I don’t understand the format etc etc.

Most of the discussion on these boards are good and while we can’t all agree with one another I think we should aim for a basic conversation which only demands the exchange of ideas. If you are misunderstanding me or purposely miscommunicating with me to justify your POV then their is no discussion and it’s an argument. We need less arguments on this form and I think that’s what it boils down to.

I just wanted to point that out and while this might’ve been an inappropriate thread for that it’s not totally off subject due to some people mentioning it in thread.

Btw hope to play you again Sheldon. Next time I won’t take 20 damage for swing thraximundar at your open board.

Deck list Thraximundar midrange/control

Deck list Jund creature combo (not updated)

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