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How to adjust to 20 life Duel Commander
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Author:  yujipooji [ 2016-Oct-02 11:03 am ]
Post subject:  How to adjust to 20 life Duel Commander

30 life to 20 was such a huge jump, and even if the changes will be implemented on November, added time doesn't really equate to added options. I used to have a competitive DC Kaalia deck that has been rendered nearly unplayable in its current state due to self-inflicted life loss like skeletal scrying, painful truths and dark confidant (this guy was bearable at 30 life even with big creatures floating around the deck). And even after cutting those cards I'm still getting 0 wins vs zurgo bellstriker who either bulldogs me to within an inch of my life before I can get a sweep, locks me out via blood moon/magus of the moon or just straight up shanks me with price of progress.. Couple that with lifeloss from fetches and it kinda begs the question of how playable non-green tri-color will be now that decks like mono-R will most likely be tournament staples.

If there are any experienced duel commander players lurking about I was hoping to ask:

1.) What anti-aggro cards can you suggest in mardu colors? I'm already considering a mini-sweep package composed of pyroclasm, sudden demise, radiant flames and anger of the gods. I'm even throwing in a disfigure. wall of omens and timely reinforcements looks like it'll get miles as well.

2.) On behalf of my friend who's a vendilion clique player, do you guys have any tips on how to adjust to 20 life as a mono-blue control deck?

I realize that the easiest solution is to brew a deck more suited to 20 life, but I'm kinda attached to mardu colors (and my friend refuses to play anything outside of monoblue control lol) and I'm hoping for any helpful advice from anyone willing to help. Cheers.

Author:  zimagic [ 2017-Nov-10 2:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: How to adjust to 20 life Duel Commander

I've been looking at this because I can never play my multi deck in shops where there's 1v1 play (very common in France) but with he MTGO announcement, I've been finding a lot of shops are dropping the 20 life format for the 30 life MTGO format.

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