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 Post subject: Honest Norin's House of Deals
AgePosted: 2017-Oct-09 1:20 pm 
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Special shout-out to Spacemonaut for the help and suggestions and the beautiful pun "Norin the Ware-y".

The deck is meant to be flavorful first and set up everyone's favorite 1 cmc commander Norin the Wary as the owner and operator of a hoarder's mansion of a junk shop. No Purphoros, Impact Tremors or Confusion in the Ranks, just stupidity and hopefully some janky artifact combo. Bonus points for ways to give my opponents permanents. Suggestions are welcome!

Norin the Wary


Bazaar Trader
Goblin Racketeer
Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs - the muscle, great with Trove of Temptation
Grenzo's Ruffians
Workshop Assistant
Iron Myr
Junk Diver
Hellkite Tyrant - because the image of Norin angrily shaking his fist outside of a smoldering shop at a dragon receding into the distance is too good to pass up. And there probably should be some way to win. Probably.
Burnished Hart
Solemn Simulacrum
Smuggler's Copter - Norin gives new meaning to 'ghostride the whip'.
Ruinous Gremlin - every junk shop needs a gremlin.
Squee, Goblin Nabob
Wall of Junk
Myr Battlesphere

Artifacts - the goods

Teferi's Puzzle Box
Avarice Totem
Krark's Thumb
Sol Ring
Worn Powerstone
Thran Dynamo
Springleaf Drum
Honor Worn Shaku
Jinxed Idol
Conjurer's Closet
Jester's Cap
Rishadan Pawnshop
Trading Post
Treasure Map
Prying Blade
Genesis Chamber
Orbs of Warding
Jinxed Ring
Diamond Kaleidoscope
Mind's Eye


Trove of Temptation
Curse of Opulence


Daretti, Scrap Savant

Chaos Warp
Harmless Offering

Some number of mountains
Buried Ruin
Inventor's Fair

specter404 wrote:
Basically, when it comes to commander, I want you to stab me through the heart, not cut off my balls.

Gath Immortal wrote:
Twenty Kavus and a Dream is not a legacy deck.

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 Post subject: Re: Honest Norin's House of Deals
AgePosted: 2017-Oct-10 7:46 pm 

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As part of the goods, you could maybe play Crown of Doom, and the "jinxed" artifacts: Jinxed Choker, Jinxed Idol, Jinxed Ring. The last two are a bit more janky, and all three can be shipped back to you. You can try to avoid this from happening by having Witchbane Orb or Orbs of Warding in play.

You can add some more artifact tokens generator to help with the Hellkite Tyrant route (and if they're creatures they can protect against attacks and the jinxed goods):
Diamond Kaleidoscope it even produces mana
Genesis Chamber you can share the love of tokens... and get them all with the Tyrant, in any case Norin provides you a steady stream of Myrs with this
Hammer of Purphoros Purphoros isn't in the deck but he could have left his Hammer to Norin, right?
Summoning Station you mentioned combo
Myr Battlesphere and Myr Matrix for more Myrs

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