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 Post subject: Re: 5 Color Eldrazi
AgePosted: 2017-Sep-12 3:54 pm 
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I'm glad you found the advice helpful. Incidental Annihilator sounds ok to me!

I heard of buttlink as a way to describe Ikra's ability and I love it. :lol: Fair enough not using him with Kozilek. If you switch over to non-Kozilek Sultai Eldrazi I recommend trying him out.

I'm glad you helped me realise Coax goes with Mimeoplasm because I'd never considered it before now. I'm going to use that with my own Mimeoplasm deck whenever I get around to making it.

Decks: Chaos colored dragons, Mathas, the Instigator (politics and mayhem).
Beloved precons: Atraxa, Praetors' Voice; Saskia the Unyielding; Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury.

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 Post subject: Re: 5 Color Eldrazi
AgePosted: 2017-Nov-20 12:29 am 

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Quick update on this (and other decks):

My current stable holds 7 decks: Sydri, Norin, Eldrazi, Oath, Atraxa, Gonti & UB Zombies.

Of all of the decks, despite the scary-level creatures the deck can churn out, Eldrazi is the least powerful deck. There are good synergies but it's very much a "play-what-you-draw" deck which leaves it sadly lacking behind in-game on occasion. You draw a dude, you play a dude, it gets killed, repeat.

Are there any Eldrazi / Eldritch tricks I'm missing out on here? The theme has to remain Eldrazi with a side-helping of weird but I'm hoping that I can pake it a little less pedestrian without breaking the theme (or turning it into a must-beat-monster). Suggestions welcome.

Outside of that, I think my decks are in a pretty good place overall. I maybe have a bit of pottering to do here and there and I can scale up from straight-forward Eldrazi-type play to some real head-scratchers and power play (Gonti & Zombies) without the playgroup freaking out over any one deck. Part of that is the overall level of the group being a little higher, partly because I've been building correctly for the group, probably with the exception of Eldrazi which is under the bar (though the rest are on or over the bar so maybe it's good to have a lower-gear deck.) Still your advice is welcome.

Current decks:
Sydri's random pile of cards with "Artifact" on them
Scarab God Zombie Horde
Sissay 5c Superfriends
Morophon Eldrazi (5C Devoid)
Grenzo's Goblins

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