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Putting Generals into their owner's library.
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Author:  eratos [ 2007-Jul-13 3:04 am ]
Post subject:  Putting Generals into their owner's library.

Condemn. Rishadan Pawnshop (with a control changing effect). Hinder. Until recently, Riftsweeper. Warp World even.

Maybe there aren't that many of them, but there are a few ways of shuffling or placing player's generals into their owner's library from which it's difficult for them to return.

Are these cards acceptable? Are the difficulties associated with playing these cards significant enough to keep them in the "solid vs. generals, but not broken" category?

Should the owner of the general be given the option to RFG the general instead of shuffling it into his library, much like we can choose to stop general's hitting the graveyard?

Or should I build a deck with the above cards and see if it's actually a good idea? :)

Author:  Ban Ki-moon [ 2007-Jul-13 2:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

The cards are acceptable and widely used. You should build a deck with them, and I don't think you'll find the effect is too overpowered. I personally only play with the versions that are good on their own merits (Hinder and Condemn are in my decks, Warp World and Oblation are not).

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