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 Post subject: Playing Generals
AgePosted: 2007-Jul-30 9:51 am 

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To me, there's something wrong with some cheeky little blue player being able to say "sorry, I play UU and you can't have your General". My General is special, he's not subject to the whimsies of what other players want, he's coming, and that's it. If it happens that someone then sneaks up and smacks him over the head with a Terror or Putrefy or Sock Full of Change, then so be it.

We've been playing locally that Generals in the RFG zone can be put into play whenever you could play them, by paying their mana cost plus extra for each previous appearance (like how you get paid more to appear as you get more pro points, maybe...)

It works just fine (most major impact seems to be that you don't get a life for someone's black General with Sol K'anar or a card off a Primordial Sage), so thought I'd float this out for other people to mull over, perhaps even test out.

I'd also add that not enough games feature enough General action, IMO and ensuring they'll always come out does improve that a smidgeon.

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2007-Jul-30 2:06 pm 

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Yeah, basically, the way we play, Generals don't count as "spells" - they get put into play as a special action.

I also think countering Generals is a little bit silly.

Along with this, we say they don't trigger Standstill, Mormir Vig, Primordial Sage, Decree of Silence, etc. as they aren't cast as spells.

Could it be made such that they can be played without being a spell, just how one plays a land? Do we wish other players to be able to respond to this action (since some generals have comes into play abilities)?
I'm curious to hear what the rules committee has to say.

Of course, changing this opens the can of worms such that by not "casting" them from the RFG zone, you could arguably use their abilities such as Flash(Teferi), Morph (Akroma of Fury), Suspend(Ith) or Ninjitsu (Ink-Eyes) to put them into play. No case but the very last seems abusive from our group's testing (we allow the first three). If this makes the rules too complicated, it would be simple to just make it such that the general can "only be put into play by paying its mana cost".

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2007-Jul-30 5:05 pm 
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IMHO, as generals are Legendary Creatures, they should be subject to both Legendary status and creature status. As such, they should be considered spells and trigger all of those things that creatures trigger - including blue to react by tapping two islands.

It seems silly to micro manage the rules that have worked for so long. Why not just bend every rule to our will when it suits us?

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2007-Jul-31 5:22 am 

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My group's been playing the same way as Nomad and Philatio. To ensure more general action, paying a generals mana cost puts it into play, a la AEther Vial. This is a sorcery speed action, and cuts out a lot of corner cases - morph, suspend, flash, etc.

It hasn't been a problem - in fact, upon a closer examination of the official rules a few weeks back when we discovered that yes, generals can be countered, we discussed this and decided to stay with playing generals Vial style.

Of course, EDH as a format is subject to house-ruling it up. This works for us, your milage may vary.

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AgePosted: 2007-Jul-31 5:26 am 
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i don't see why more differentiated rules should help in this, this will help one person to abuse a card if he wants to etc....

i play a weak general, like gis's skeleton ship, oooo noo plz don't counter him...

i think we should only interchange rules if this really causes problems, which it doesn't
player a plays general
player b counters it
players a plays general again and pays 2 extra for it

i don't see a problem..

edit: just noticed the date on the subject.. topic is outdated, answer isn't :P

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