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AgePosted: 2009-Mar-16 8:06 am 

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Sheldon wrote:
I'm OK with not specifically announcing the trigger when it goes on the stack, but simply going to resolve it. This is a shortcut defined, and it's the only way Magic games don't take 7 hours. If you shortcut and a player wants to do something beforehand, then I expect them to say so.

Player A: "Announce Spell"
Player B: "Resolve Rhystic Study?"
Player C: "Wait, with the trigger still on the stack..."

I'm also fine with

Player A: "Announce spell"
Player B: "Activate creature ability. "Resolve Rhystic Study?"

The trigger going on the stack is not the MAY action. The choice is what to do during resolution.

say we have a cutthroat EDH tournament, how should it be correctly done?
Player A - announce spell, pass priority
player B - trigger rystic study
player C - whatever
player B - resolve rystic study, player A decide to pay 1 or not
player A - resolve spell


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AgePosted: 2009-Mar-17 1:58 am 

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mohawkdan wrote:
"are you going to pay 1 for that" has become the new annoying phrase in our group barely edging out "in response".

yeah, I feel bad sometimes asking that phrase over and over again like some annoying parrot.

"do you pay 1?" is sufficient enough in my playgroup and if either of us forgets it slides.

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AgePosted: 2009-Mar-18 9:45 pm 

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We just say "taxes?"

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