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 Post subject: SB idea
AgePosted: 2009-Mar-13 12:01 am 

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I noticed somewhere here that people were intrested in SB ideas.

Well heres my idea:

You get a 3-7card SB (5 sounds fair). Those cards are RFG (face down or up depends on testing n whatnot). At anytime you may Tap your general to choose one of those cards and put it into your hand. The only isssue i see with this idea is something like Jhoira tucking away obliterate or putting combo peices under your general (Mind's Desire, Kiki Jiki).

You could also have it be a Merfolk Looter type effect where its discard X cards from your hand take a card from (under) your general. Also there could be a banned list for SB slots???

Restricting the maximum CMC to 4 might help with the combo peice problem as well (most SB cards are 4cc or less anyways). So stuff like Back to basics, Persecute, Flashfires, Chill etc.

Alternativly, the 5card SB isnt so bad where you would see your opponents general then have a chance to SB before the game.

Another idea I had was to have 1 card per color of your general under it. ie if your playing Teneb, the harvester you can have 1 white card 1 black card and 1 green card. It promotes multicolor decks more.

Personally i feel SBing in EDH is a waste. It's a Multiplayer format and if you want to have a 1v1 tournament or something then you should pack some hate MD. I felt that if there is a need to have a SB then the ideas above could help find a solution.


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AgePosted: 2009-Mar-13 7:05 am 
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Under your idea, I would probably just put card draw and mana acceleration into my sideboard. You sort of make it part of the game, which really makes it almost like a "tutor" effect that requires you to tap your general.

Check out this thread, it's the SB idea they're currently working with.

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AgePosted: 2009-Mar-14 12:31 pm 
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That's like having several extra Generals. So if I pack my combo into my sideboard, or major utility cards like Eternal Witness...

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