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where are the moderators??
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Author:  draaaak [ 2009-Mar-22 5:20 pm ]
Post subject:  where are the moderators??

when are the people responsible for this new ban list going to respond to the concerns of the players who use this forum to discuss edh? obviously there are people who like what has happened but there are also lots of people who do not. so what is the real goal of these new bans? is it to nerf the current artifact decks? because every ban suggests this. the whole list practically targets sharuum and arcum... wtf is that? lose too many times to artifacts lately? butthurt about artifact combos so youll just ban them all?

this forum is pretty much the only way to have ANY input on the rules and bans for this format so how come there is so little interaction between the rule makers and the players right now or ever in regards to actually bannings? are you second guessing your decisions after seeing all this backlash? i would if i made a mistake like this... because im not so overly proud to acknowledge when ive fucked up.

so speak up already. the ban post is dated the 9th but posted the 20th... that would have been plenty of time to offer feedback before things went through.. so wtf?!?! explain yourselves.

Author:  bradleyjx [ 2009-Mar-22 7:19 pm ]
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Three things here:

1: You are asking the wrong subset of people for an answer. Moderators and Rules Committee members are not mutually exclusive to each other.

2: The same thing is asked by people when the DCI comes out with a new Banned/Restricted update; in recent years, there's been an article on the WotC website explaining the changes; likewise, there was an "article" of explanation within the rules update, explaining the reasoning.

3: Constant demands, especially ones on an internet forum which involve vulgarity and direct demands, rarely bring forth a response desired by the person who made the demands.

Frankly, you're the one person on these forums I've seen most irate about this change. I'll admit that I'm not happy with parts of the list, but I don't care in the end. I'm normally a combo player; the entire existence of many of the decks I've piloted have hinged on the deck not being considered too powerful for play. The same could be seen here.

The banned list is what it is: a casual format's suggested list of cards to not allow. So many playgroups don't follow every rule that the list itself is just part of these suggested guidelines. If you don't like it, change it where you are. Prove that it is or isn't as good/bad as it appears. Make an argument that people _can't_ simply sum up as [rant]...[/rant], and people will actually listen.

Author:  papa_funk [ 2009-Mar-22 8:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: where are the moderators??

draaaak wrote:
so speak up already. the ban post is dated the 9th but posted the 20th... that would have been plenty of time to offer feedback before things went through.. so wtf?!?! explain yourselves.

a) I already spoke.
b) I cannot imagine why I would want to have a conversation with someone with your attitude... well, ever.

Author:  draaaak [ 2009-Mar-22 10:34 pm ]
Post subject: 

your pretentiousness is unfortunate. you can ignore me, but that will never make you right.

yes, you have said things, but have the comments from people who are concerned by these new changes been taken into consideration at all? it seems like whenever anyone challenges this decision they are met with knowitall elitism about how magic should be played and what it supposedly means to have "fun" (which will always be bullshit).. or they are just ignored (perhaps because they are too obviously right to be argued with). so far there has been no indication that these kinds of changes are at all negotiable, which is a problem. this is what im asking for in this thread. is the rules committee acknowledging the complaints put forth by people in this forum? or do they only listen to people who agree with them? if this format is about fun why is it ok to restrict the fun of one group of players because the other group doesnt like how they play this game?

you can pretend i dont have a point because my posts are aggressive, but if someone doesnt challenge the rulings of this oligarchy there will be further abuses of power. which i assure you will only serve to ruin the "funness" of this great format.

Author:  intreped [ 2009-Mar-22 10:58 pm ]
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draaaak wrote:
if someone doesnt challenge the rulings of this oligarchy there will be further abuses of power.

Keep fightin', champ. Maybe someday you'll clear these lands of evil.

Author:  draaaak [ 2009-Mar-23 12:46 am ]
Post subject: 

ok.. patronize me. very constructive.

Author:  Jeyal [ 2009-Mar-23 12:47 am ]
Post subject: 

draaaak wrote:
ok.. patronize me. very constructive.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Author:  Jayke [ 2009-Mar-23 2:21 am ]
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i am happy with the changes ;)
and most people in my playgroup are...

accept that the changes are there, adaptability is no problem for a good player.

the changes for me are done to make sure the format is fun... not the other way around.

Author:  mesti [ 2009-Mar-23 3:08 am ]
Post subject: 

I wonder if the rules commitee would be amenable to emergency banning draaaak from the format (second criteria of EDHBP#2)? Frankly, and I'm sure many posters would agree, I'm sick of seeing people cuss out and insult the rules commitee and anyone who agrees with these bans. Try discussing it like mature people, you might find people more willing to listen to your arguments then.

It's a casual format: if you don't like the list, change it for your meta. If you don't like the format, I'm sure nobody's holding a gun to your head forcing you to play. If they are, maybe you should contact your local law enforcement agency rather than taking it out on the people putting their time and effort into trying to build & maintain a healthy & enjoyable format.

Author:  Poesjuh [ 2009-Mar-23 4:41 am ]
Post subject: 

Since this is a post adressed to the moderators, I do have a request: there are now 3 or 4 threads open, all about the recent bannings, could these be joint together in some way?

Author:  odit [ 2009-Mar-23 6:56 am ]
Post subject: 

There were some posts not to long ago about joining a play testing group, if you have the time and motivation I'm sure you'd be able to test some of this stuffs.

As to swearing at folks meh.

My feelings on the changes.

Metal worker - duh - even if you don't have the infi combo out it's still "alot" of mana - ie hard casting darksteel forge mana.
Tinker - duh - as there are 2 other slightly more fair versions of this card in print it doesn't cripple strategies, just extends the game a bit.

Crucible - not broken in multiplay formats , should prolly still be banned in 1v1's

Rof - was only banned as a general, I'd be alot happier seeing him accross the table than jhoira, or zur , or arcum , or braids , or erayo. big green stompy is cool but it lacks tutoring for combo pieces.

Things on the watch list
Meh - that's what a watch list is for - test em see if they're really broken / brakeable and report.

Author:  warble [ 2009-Mar-23 10:45 am ]
Post subject: 

This thread is epic WIN.

Papa Funk = Your DADDY!

I'm sad that we are now mired in discussing the OP's concerns and whatnot...when can we get back to LAYING THE SMACK DOWN? That's...basically the best damn part of this thread...aside from the casual use of the word oligarchy..

Author:  odit [ 2009-Mar-23 1:52 pm ]
Post subject: 


My sisters cousins best friends dog said that warble was the last one in the train that got pulled on smurfette.

what say you ? Papa Funk ?

Author:  Doraemon [ 2009-Mar-23 6:16 pm ]
Post subject: 

you guys do realize that this happens every time the ban list is announced... do you?

Just that some changes cause more of a riot than others...

Author:  Genomancer [ 2009-Mar-24 11:50 am ]
Post subject: 

Heh... this thread made me surprisingly happy.

Not dra*k mind you... I think he's a loud mouthed, obnoxious asshat, and possibly just a troll to boot. An increasing portion of the community seems to wish he would shape up or leave but as yet I'm leaving the decision of which to him.

But the rest of the thread is remarkably full of clue. :)

(Yes, there several response threads... there always are. I read most of them, consider most of what's said, and eventually the threads will simmer down. I don't respond to most of them though... internet, olympics and all that. )


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