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 Post subject: A Solution to many problems
AgePosted: 2007-Sep-07 9:26 pm 
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Going through forums finally after living in the forest (literally) for ten weeks, there seems to be a lot of complaints about generals and specific cards. Here is how our group handles our generals (and it works well):
1) Generals have a "supertype" of "super" Legendary
2) A super Legendary creature always wins legend "fights" (clone doesn't kill them, etc) This allows for other players to play copies of others' generals and not have to constantly modify their decks
3) super Legendary creatures have "Protection from Karakas"
4) When a general dies it goes to the grave yard. If an effect you control RFG's it, it goes to the RFG zone where it can be replayed. If an effect an opponent controls would RFG your general, it gets shuffled into your library
Again, this is only one way to clean up and remove the needs of constant erratas. Then again our group is a lot more laid back, making EDH more of friendly "lets sit and play magic" where we maintain an almost completely minimal banned list, and when cards seem too broken we simply have gentlemen's agreements not to play them.

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