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Gold border cards
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Author:  Viperion [ 2016-Jun-10 7:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gold border cards

pi wrote:
Well, actually... look here or here.


A channel called "The Misprint Guy" isn't exactly evidence, son. Don't be that guy :P

Author:  charlequin [ 2016-Jun-10 9:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gold border cards

This forum tends to fall on the conservative side of proposed rules changes to make more things playable (removing the errata from the Wishes, altering the rules to make certain awkward Commanders viable to play, etc.) As I recall, the plurality opinion on this forum was that if you own one Imperial Seal it's disrespectful to play a proxy of it in a second deck (even if you can produce it upon request), so I would tend to assume that a discussion here will err on the side of caution.

I would suspect, conversely, that only a tiny portion of play groups composed mostly of friends or close acquaintances would object to the use of these cards if requested in advance, especially given the rise of other informal formats like Canadian Highlander where these cards can be played. This is much like how in my experience it's very rare for a group like this to ban silver-bordered cards (if appropriate and fun), or to reject proxies for a card a person demonstrably owns, or to push back against proposed house rules to allow commanders like Hakkon or Genju of the Realms or Arlinn Kord.

As such, my recommendation on this sort of thing is always to avoid asking for any kind of official permission and just get your friends to go along with it.

(I'd note as well that these cards have a weird position in the market in general and WotC policy is generally going to consider them not to be legitimate cards, so anyone with an ongoing relationship directly with WotC is going to be inclined against supporting them for extremely reasonable reasons.)

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