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Fast Mana
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Author:  Inkeyes22 [ 2016-Dec-16 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fast Mana

Sovarius wrote:
Nigerian Prince wrote:
Sol Ring can give you a fast start, but is useless when you draw it on turn 10.

So is a land, and i think paying 5-6 mana to draw a card off the cluestone-types is also useless on turn 10.

I tend to think Sol Ring is better than a land. If you don't play Ring, you could *in almost every deck* replace one of them with a Ring. It is a land that costs 1 mana but doesn't use a land slot and also can be used for more mana right away even though it's colorless. Haha. Idk, i am one of those that think it's broken. You might be able to balance it socially ("that guy played a turn 1 sol ring, let's 3 go after him and even him out a little") but the card itself is op. To me, if that's the argument, then unban Library and half the other crap. I know they are totally different cards but i feel the argument applies about equally as well for most.

I agree! there are too many cards banned in EDH! This is the format of playing with friends, so if my friend has Moxen I say let them run them. Now I do think that if that same person runs Moxen, they do so knowing full well that they will be targeted. I cannot tell you how many times my Underground Sea has been Stone Rained when someone else had a Academy Ruins or Cabal Coffers. Is that a threat assessment problem? Probably, but it still happens. Multiplayer balances out a lot of the "This card is too OP!" problems that duels have.

Author:  Sovarius [ 2016-Dec-17 9:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fast Mana

Duals are not that powerful, certainly not OP. The 2 life from shocks in somewhat neglible, and their power comes from their ability to be a second (well, primary with shocks as secondary) land to fetch out. Without fetches... well, are there plenty of lands you can often have enter untapped for two colors anyway, so it's jsut affected by stuff like green spells (Farseek).

Stone Raining a Sea is poor judgement vs Ruins/Coffers, provided the intention wasn't to take them totally off of blue for a specific reason.

The original Moxes are all obviously broken cards, but i don't see how they can be a problem for the format since they are so rare. This point has been made for broken cards not being banned before, since they hadn't draw attention previously, by the RC. (citations needed, i know. i could look if someone seriously disagrees but i don't even know how to being to find it). They also only go into their specific color decks. Not that this really detracts from them, but it's fun to imagine right now what a format would look like -Ring, -Crpyt, -Vault, -Grim Monolith, possibly -Chrome and -Diamond, but then +Moxes. Haha.

Author:  Jixar [ 2017-Jan-02 6:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fast Mana

I usually will run a Sol Ring in all of my decks just because. There is more the enough access to them now a days unlike Mana Crypt. If they do bother people that much, I would suggest playing Nevinyrral's Disk. Cost just as much as a Sol Ring and you can blow up all the mana rocks.

Author:  Sovarius [ 2017-Jan-03 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fast Mana

I don't think run more answers is the correct approach (although, i come across games where i am the only playing removal and am struggling to save the table from being bodied with no help).

The real problem with that is that Disk comes out much later than Ring's damage (unless the disk player also plays Ring...)

But if i haven't said it before, i will specify now, i don't think Ring should be banned (or any card except a very small few).

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