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 Post subject: Hello a Few EDH Questions
AgePosted: 2017-May-21 11:10 am 

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Good Evening

I have questions for my playgroup I want to be certain as far as what I telling them.

Can a exotic orchard tap for a mana that is not in their commanders color identity?

Would talent of the telepath or stolen goods work for a non blue spells?

Hybrid mana the dual colors in one mana symbol. If one of those spells isnt part of your commanders color identity can be in your deck or not?

Thank You

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 Post subject: Re: Hello a Few EDH Questions
AgePosted: 2017-May-21 2:43 pm 
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Short answer: Yes, yes, no

Long Answer:

In regards to tapping for off-color mana, there used to be a rule that you could only create mana inside your general's colors, and if you tried to create any other color it would turn into colorless. For a pretty long time people argued that the rule was redundant flavorwise, and the only time it really was actually relevant was in gimping theft/reanimation/clone effects, and even then only some of the time. The momentum was toward getting rid of the rule for a while, and with the existence of Wastes and cards like new Kozilek it was the nail in the coffin. Now, you can create any color of mana regardless of your general. However, if a card specifically produces a color outside of your general's colors, it isn't allowed in the deck in the first place. So in a mono-green deck, Birds of Paradise is fine but Noble Hierarch isn't.

As for Stolen Goods-type effects, there are literally no EDH-specific rules about what you can and can't cast or when. The exception is that you are allowed to cast your commander from the command zone.

And then in regards to hybrid mana, a G/W symbol is technically a W symbol, so it isn't allowed in a mono green deck.

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