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 Post subject: Re: Card too strong
AgePosted: 2019-Jan-17 10:25 am 
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alastorfights wrote:
While yes, the best way to deal with her is to run more removal, this is commander. meaning its 99 different cards. which means even if you run 10 removal spells, theres a chance you will not draw one before they can kill you, same with board wipes. while yes the infinite combos are annoying, you dont need it to make a big enough impact to just win.

As I described though, non-combo aggro decks just aren't viable in competitive play, which just leaves her as a pretty strong choice for casual play.

And as Shabbaman pointed out (and I also alluded to), her more speedy decks are incredibly glass-cannon-y. She doesn't have any inherent mana ramp or card advantage, which means that when your turn 4-6 blowout doesn't happen, you're far behind the rest of the table in terms of development. And on the other end of the spectrum, if you start adding in CA engines and ramp spells and other ways to make the deck more resilient, you then lose the annoying speed and consistency and just become another deck.

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