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General Damage
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Author:  norbert88 [ 2007-Sep-20 7:38 pm ]
Post subject:  General Damage

How do you guys keep track of general damage?


Author:  Philatio [ 2007-Sep-20 9:01 pm ]
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In a duel, I just put a die on each general. In multiplayer, in our playgroup, each player just keeps track of their own damage from each general themselves. Some use different dice, some use paper. Whatever works.

Author:  norbert88 [ 2007-Sep-20 10:47 pm ]
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Seems too complicated, my group has just been playing normal multiplayer without the general damage rule.


Author:  Philatio [ 2007-Sep-21 12:30 pm ]
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Oh, ok. That's not EDH. That's hundred card highlander. That's cool.

Author:  Ban Ki-moon [ 2007-Sep-21 2:29 pm ]
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The biggest difference between 100 card Highlander and EDH is the fact that you've got a general that you can cast from RFG, and that your deck is limited by that creature.
General damage is just a small, cool bit of flavour that goes along with it.

I guess my point is, why the hostility, Philatio?
Admittedly, his reply seems a bit ignorant, especially considering he asked for the response that you graciously gave, but he is playing EDH.

Author:  norbert88 [ 2007-Sep-21 2:43 pm ]
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We are playing 100 card highlander EDH, just without the general damage rule. Is the general damage rule supposed to speed the game up or something? or just a flavor thing?


Author:  Philatio [ 2007-Sep-21 4:33 pm ]
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I don't think my post was hostile - sorry if it was interpreted as such.

Yeah, I've lost some games to general damage when I've been at 60+ life. Evasive or trampling Generals are REALLY good for that reason. I think it is a big part of the game, beyond just the flavor aspect (which, admittedly, is awesome). In multiplayer, if one player is dominating the table, but has a lot of damage from one general, sometimes our playgroup will try to help out the player with said general so he/she can knock the strongest player out of the game. It adds a depth of strategy not otherwise available. I personally think, from my play experience, that general damage is a distinguishing aspect of the format, and it is often relevant in games.

Author:  matthew [ 2007-Sep-21 7:40 pm ]
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EDH tends to be more about introducing zany game scenarios than what most usual other methods can provide. The fact that a player in our group has killed us with 21 general damage (not once, but twice!) from Xira Arien is a good example of this.

The general damage rule tries to make it more appealing to play the game with your general, and not just any awesome creature that happens to be in your colors. The rule is not necessarily meant to speed the game up, but that can be a positive side effect. It tries to make generals matter - not just act like ambassadors who declare your colors but never make an appearance. Its really what sets EDH apart from 100-card Highlander.

Just my take on it, anyway.

Author:  Philatio [ 2007-Sep-21 8:22 pm ]
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matthew wrote:
It tries to make generals matter - not just act like ambassadors who declare your colors but never make an appearance.

Yeah, exactly! When I play my general, it's like that scene in The Fellowship of the Ring when Sauron shows up on the battlefield, and everyone else is like, "oh crap," as they start getting tossed in every direction.

Or, at least, that's how I like to think about it: an epic thud as your most powerful warrior plummets from the heavens into a pitched battle to go kick some serious ass (or cause serious shenanigans - I'm looking at you - Momir Vig, Savra and Catain Sissay).

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