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Should generals be permitted to be placed in the "General Zone" instead of being shuffled into the library?
Yes 29%  29%  [ 8 ]
No 71%  71%  [ 20 ]
Total votes : 28
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AgePosted: 2007-Nov-02 12:12 pm 

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matthew wrote:
IMHO, if you build a deck with any of these and can't make it run without playing the general once, you are a poor deckbuilder.

EDH is probably the most Vorthos type of Magic there is.

It's true that relying on your general as the ONLY win condition is mistake number one, but come on, generals should be a big part of how the deck feels and how the deck wins.

In Zur's case, you usually wait until you can get him in Lightning Greaves or Diplomatic Immunity or if you can give him haste. In that deck, yea, you can usually do pretty well without him since everything costs three or less but I'm just saying your chances of winning dramatically improve with him entering the red zone unabated. Zur usually only wins with general damage. A few times I've had him deck people. The rest just give up since they cannot play spells, keep permanents stuck to the board, gain life, or increase their hand size. Blessing of the Nephilim FTW!

I think you can get both your Melvin and your Vorthos on in this format. I made a 10 deck cycle that as a whole is a seamless work of "art" to me, that is more about the overall feel than the details - my Vorthos drove me to make that. But when crafting each deck, I get really Melvin and like to nitpick over details, making sure each deck has answers to everything, and can't be hampered by things like a neutered general. In doing so, I ensure my decks are all balanced against one another, and can comprise their own metagame as a closed group. So Melvin and Vorthos lend a hand to one another.

I see what you mean, though - a general, beyond just being another card in the deck, should be the standard bearer, the emblem and spirit of the deck. I love generals full of flavour, and ones that scream, "build a deck around me." But you need lieutenants and captains and so forth that fit within the tapestry of your generals theme, and if your general goes down, a good army can keep it together. But, with your example of Zur, I've seen others build decks with that general and not include cards like Enlightened Tutor, Faith's Fetters or Replenish because "they aren't enchantments that cost three or less". To me, this is going overboard in honor of a deck's spirit, when they clearly have synergy anyhow. Personally, I think Zur loves the flavour of Faith's Fetters, if Tsabo Tavoc is killing him every time he gets cast.

I do agree with everything in your post, and I think I see where you are coming from; all I am doing is arguing against doing something to the unsafe extreme (which I hardly think you are advocating).

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