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Glittering Wish
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Author:  norbert88 [ 2007-Nov-12 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Glittering Wish

The official rules say "The Judgement Wishes can only be used to wish for cards which began the game in the controller's deck, or the controller's general. No sideboard/wishboard is allowed."

Does the same rule apply for GLittering Wish? or can Glittering Wish get whatever multicolor card you want?


Author:  Token [ 2007-Nov-13 4:13 am ]
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Yeah. You're right. The rule must be rewriten. "Judgement wishes" -> wishes.

I mean ... that's what you were meaning?

Author:  Philatio [ 2007-Nov-13 1:18 pm ]
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I would conclude the rule was intended to apply for Ring of Ma'Ruf as well, or any future cards of this ilk. The point behind the rule is "no sideboards / wishboards - cards like that only get things RFG'd by in-game spells or effects."

Author:  Jayke [ 2007-Nov-14 6:05 am ]
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agree, its a rules update but normal thinking should have given you the conclusion, no sideboard, so no out of game cards except the ones allready removed...

i think the rule about the wishes is just a clarification of something that is obvious if you play a format without sideboards

Author:  Jeyal [ 2007-Nov-14 4:22 pm ]
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So you COULD Death Wish to get Haakon to Discard him to play him....

Author:  Jayke [ 2007-Nov-15 12:56 am ]
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yup, the same with Phage...

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