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Author:  CariF [ 2006-Jul-07 1:32 pm ]
Post subject:  EDH Rules Page

Hi all :) As you probably all know, I maintain the rules page for EDH. It's now located here

It has the list of reserved generals for the PT judges, as well as the "Dream Wizards League." Obviously, I can only update generals and mark which ones have been reserved through play if people email me to let me know what changes have happened :)

I have a few concerns about the rules, though, and I'd like to update a few things. Gavin suggested I posted here for input. While I believe that rules are necessary, I get the feeling the new rules and new bannings are being created just for the sake of having more rules. And I'm not really sure why that's useful.

Before I add new banned cards to my page, I'd like to see discussion (here seems like a good place) and, perhaps, a vote.

I'm also hoping for feedback on whether or not certain rules need to be on the page. Like the "no card with a different mana symbol" rule. Personally, this feels like "one more restriction just for the sake of restricting things." I like Brian's (I think it was Brian's) suggestion that mana generated outside of your general's colours is colourless and allowing cards with different mana symbols in their text to be run. As long as the cards colour is shared with your general, obviously.

Perhaps a poll for that change would be in order?


Author:  TigTigger [ 2006-Jul-07 3:13 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi Cari,

Thanks for your valuable feedback, and, thanks for maintaining your web page.

Yes, there were cases where it was simply declared that card legality or rules had changed, with little or no discussion. Hopefully everyone understands now that this isn't acceptable.

A discussion and/or a vote is certainly a minimum for these changes. It was suggested a committee should exist to have the final say This, I feel, is the best way to maintain the spirit of the format.

Author:  CariF [ 2006-Jul-07 4:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Votes

I think that I would like to see a vote for each card that is currently on the Banned list. To make sure they need to be there.

I have this fear that, because most of us are judges who love rules, that we're feeling the need to inflict more rules on the format than are truly needed. :)

Author:  MadWombat [ 2006-Jul-08 5:40 am ]
Post subject: 

I vote that Yawgmoth's Bargain be banned. It's horribly cheaty (and I think we can all come up with decks that abuse it horribly).

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