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General Rules and Put Creature in to Play Effects
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Author:  Patton [ 2007-Apr-03 10:20 am ]
Post subject:  General Rules and Put Creature in to Play Effects

I am new to EDH and was introduced to the concept by the recent article on I am interested in starting up play in my area and several of my friends are interested as well. I do have questions on the General Rules and put creature in to play effects.

1) It is mentioned that Phage is an acceptable General in one thread so when a General comes in to play is it considered to be played from your hand?

2) If it is do effects like Elvish Piper also work to put the creature in to play from the General Zone?

3) If the previous would work does AEther Vial allow you to put your General in to play for the base casting cost or the adjusted casting cost determined by the number of times he has been played from the General Zone.

These questions might have been answered in a different area and I apologize if that is the case. I assumed that the put creature in to play effects would not work in this case but though I would ask just for the sake of clarification.

Thanks in advance.

Author:  Ban Ki-moon [ 2007-Apr-04 2:23 pm ]
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1) The official rules are posted here and can be followed in a literal manner, as you would rules for Magic: the Gathering.
My play group, here at the Sentry Box in Calgary, though, uses a house rule that says generals are played as if from your hand.
So, officially, no, but this is a casual format. Play it like it's fun.

2) No. Your general isn't actually in your hand.

3) No, but if it did work, then it would count only the general's base cost. The 2*X is like an additional cost.

Author:  Token [ 2007-Oct-21 6:38 am ]
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so. What about Wild Pair and my general ?


Author:  Philatio [ 2007-Oct-21 12:53 pm ]
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Token wrote:
so. What about Wild Pair and my general ?

If it got bounced and you played it from your hand, sure. Otherwise, no.

However, house rules take precedent in your group.

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