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 Post subject: Generals considered "from hand"?
AgePosted: 2007-Oct-06 5:54 am 

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I dont know if this has been addressed at all but I was wondering if generals are considered as being played from your hand, my deck uses the black myojin and our local group considers it to have been played from your hand. What is the official ruling on this? If they arnt considered I think maybe it should be changed so they are, cause the myojin actually make for really fun generals and make mono color decks a little more viable as they have a big ability that allows them to be more competitive vs the many multi color decks.

Anyway, any official ruling on this would be great, and like i said if its not the case i really think it should be looked at due to several cool generals (phage, etc.) would become playable and thus add more depth to the field

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AgePosted: 2007-Oct-06 11:13 am 

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In the official rules generals don't count as being played from the hand and hence Phage (seldom) gets used. But as always house rules in your playgroup can do whatever (hence the "seldom" as opposed to "never" with regards to Phage). So play with the Black Myojin in whatever way your playgroup feels most comfortable with.

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