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 Post subject: Oathbreaker (60-card, planeswalkers for commanders)
AgePosted: 2019-Apr-05 12:18 pm 

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Although Brawl doesn't seem to have had much of an impact with the wider playerbase, I wonder if this might still have a place, what with how WotC pushes planeswalkers as their signature.

A couple of notes:

1. Weird Cards settled on 60 cards/20 life as making the most strategies viable (e.g. burn struggling in Commander). I'll admit I'm curious as to whether they tested 80 cards/30 life. Either way, it also has the effect, according to at least one video, of precluding 3-6 hour games (his words, not mine). Of course, a smaller library means less variation in successive games...

2. It's important to realize that you have two command zone cards--your planeswalker leader (they can't all be breaking an oath. See, for example, Ob Nixilis.), and a signature spell (sorcery or instant) that can only be used when the leader is out, and is also subject to tax.

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 Post subject: Re: Oathbreaker (60-card, planeswalkers for commanders)
AgePosted: 2019-Apr-08 6:25 am 

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Why can't it just be called a commander and not be confusing and then imposing on yourself a rule that "Cards which refer to your commander refer to your Oathbreaker"?

Saheeli is banned? Just for the +1 that reduces the cost of the signature spell?

Upheaval and Tooth and Nail are banned but not Yawg Will and Demonic Tutor??

Emrakul banned??? Ad Nauseam? Banned why?

It's like it lazily copy-pasted Commander banlist and then a handful of cards they were tired of losing to? How and why are you are casting Expropriate and Primal Surge in a 'fast' format with 20 life?

Seems really cool but also really try-hard. I usually hate when people say that but i'm at a loss for a better description of how i feel.

Teferi Time Raveler + Force of Will seems pretty cool.

Sidisi, Undead Vizier + Dark Ritual not so much.

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