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 Post subject: Re: EDH Commander Cube
AgePosted: 2015-Feb-25 10:28 pm 

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Hey Fugu, those are some really interesting varient, and I really like them! I have something silly like 110 commanders with 936 cards I think because I want to encourage variance too, but your ideas seem to be a good, unique way of achieving that same variance, so I might have a go!

I too include many banned cards, and actually exclude some that cause harm. My cube is quite powerful (not with actual power 9), the decks we construct are usually pretty much constructed decks (due to the large cube, people can draft pretty much anything) I have done reanimator, equipment, my mate did mono blue control etc. So the power can be issue. I originally had Prime Time back in, but he broke my reanimator deck and we deemed him too good with all the great lands you can draft. Prophet of Kruphix was broken if people had gone for cool theme and had less removal due to colours or whateve so she went. Griselbrand and all the titans believe it or not, are all fine, and I have most of the holiday silver bordered cards in too as they are epic fun!

I have started including theme packs like a God pack, dragon pack, angel pack etc and next time we cube I will issue the Nephilim challenged. All 5 of us have to use a randomly distributed Nephilim as commander. I think this is fun and adds to the challenge and diversity too. My list hasn't been updated for a few months but its in my sig if you want to look at it. Usually at least 10 cards get added per set but the list is getting tighter and tighter now. I might make a tiny leaders cube and use that for a year or so, and play it 2HG style

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