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 Post subject: Team Unified Commander
AgePosted: 2016-Jan-13 11:35 pm 

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Hey all,

So, I've been asked by my local LGS to try and think up some fun casual formats to run as one-offs for FNM sometime. Would like to get some second opinions on this one before I suggest it to them. As the name implies, it takes inspiration from the Team Unified Standard format used at the World Magic Cup, one of my favorite "weird" formats, with a little of Hearthstone's Conquest format mixed in for any of you who are familiar with that game.

There are, in essence, two ways to play Team Unified Commander. I assume an entrance of 16/12 players respectively for clarity's sake, but it should work with more or less up to a point.

The Individual Option: Each player of the 16 entering brings with them three Commander decks. These are subject to the normal rules and the multiplayer banned list, with one additional rule: Excluding basic lands, no card can be duplicated between decks. So you get one Sol Ring, one Grave Pact, one of each Legendary to work with, one Command Tower etc, etc. This applies to nonbasic lands and mana-fixing as well, so you probably can't bring three UG decks.

The players are then divided into 4-man pods and play 4 rounds. Once a win has been recorded with a deck, that deck cannot be used again until there are no more decks to choose from (so if you go 3-0, you can play whichever deck you want for the last round). If you lose with a deck, you can choose to switch deck for the next round or stick with the one you have. Add prizes and specific points systems as suits.

The Team Option: Four teams of players enter, subject to the restrictions described under the Individual Option. Team sizes work fine with three or four players, though the restriction is obviously more strict with four than three. As before, no duplication excluding basic lands. Rather than one person piloting three decks, each member of the team now pilots one deck each and cannot switch between rounds. Pods consist of one member from each team and rotate, and each team has a collective score. As before, add prizes and set up points systems as suits you. I suppose you could theoretically do this with five teams of five, too.

The purpose of this sort of event is to promote deckbuilding and outside the box thinking, and, with the team option, a fun way for people to get to know each other better since you have to do your deckbuilding as a team too. What do people think?

Current Commanders: 7/32.

Daretti, Scrap Savant (Red Artefacts).
Ephara, God of the Polis (Azorius Men O'War)
Etrata, the Silencer (Dimir Blink)
Rubinia Soulsinger (Bant Polymorphs).
Kess, Dissident Mage (Grixis Treasure).
Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper (Jund Apostles).
Mathas, Fiend Seeker (Mardu Judo).

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 Post subject: Re: Team Unified Commander
AgePosted: 2016-Jan-14 3:07 am 

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Team Unified is generally more like the second. I would say that the ripest game styles for team unified are:

2HG unified, 3 teams per table.
Emperor or 3HG unified, 2 teams per table.
2-player unified, 3 teams per table. Range of Influence 1. 2 concurrent turns.
3-player unified, 2 teams per table. Range of Influence 1. 2 concurrent turns.

For the latter two formats, you sit players in order by teams so 121212 or 123123 around the table. 2 concurrent turns means that at any given time the two players sitting opposite each other are both on the same phase of their turns at the same time. Since players have RoI 1, you don't have to pay attention to spells being cast on the other half of the table that much until someone is eliminated. Once the pod goes down to 4 players, you eliminate the second turn. Winner is the last team with at least 1 player standing.

I think you definitely don't want to split the teams between pods. The whole point of having teams is that you get to sit together and play together, not to create some odd deck building restrictions.

Spectrar Ghost wrote:
Cryocerete (sp?)

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 Post subject: Re: Team Unified Commander
AgePosted: 2016-Jan-20 5:27 am 

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Teams not being seated together defeats the feel of a team somewhat. I would suggest running a 2hg or a emperor style team event. I would also suggest running with unified team rules (so 1 copy of cards between decks) while also insisting there be something tying the decks together. If one player builds black/blue and the other builds red green then unified rules barely come into effect. If they have to build the same color then there are actual choices to be made.

In emperor I would suggest the emperor deck be a 2 color and the 2 lieutenants be 1-2 of those colors (with all 3 between the 2). All team members should play at the same time to avoid long waits between turns. This lets you play 3-4 teams at close to the same rate as a normal 3-4 player pod.



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