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 Post subject: EDH Horde Nest Variant
AgePosted: 2016-Jul-06 12:29 pm 

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After reading up on the rules for the Horde variant I decided to make my own that would make it easier to construct a horde deck on the fly and make the actions of the Horde more autonomous by decreasing the need to emulate the decisions of a player by randomizing the effects and abilities of a horde deck.

Horde Deck
75 cards - 1 player
100 Cards - 2 players
125 Cards - 3 Players
150 Cards - 4 players

80 % Mix of creatures and tokens (Vast Majority Creatures)
20% Mix of Enchantments, Instants, and Sorcery cards

For Creatures:
If a creature card in the horde deck offers and ability that needs to be tapped and/or paid mana for, this ability can not be activated. Only abilities that are active upon the card resolving are used, as the horde can not make decisions and is to remain autonomous

For Enchantments, Instants, and Sorcery Cards:
You should only include cards that stick with the autonomous nature of the horde deck, as the horde deck can not make decisions. Avoid anything that targets someone/thing or requires a choice. A good example of a sorcery to include would be Gisa's Bidding (put two 2/2 black zombie creature tokens onto the battlefield.)


You and each player playing with you take turns simultaneously. For each player add 5 to your life total, with 1 player starting with 15. To set up, take 3 turns. None of the players draw on turn 1.

After the initial 3 turns, it is the Horde's first turn. The horde draws and puts into play each creature card it can until it hits a sorcery, enchantment, or instant spell. Every creature the horde puts into play has Haste. it then plays said spell and moves to combat, where every creature can attack. All damage done to the player(s) life total is also done to any Planeswalker(s) in play.

Special Rules:

On your turns you may choose to attack the horde. The Horde will mill 1 card for each point of damage done to it.

If the horde draws any cards, it plays them as soon as it can on its own turn.

Any cards the horde is forced to exile are bounced back to the graveyard after being exiled.

You may choose to have a boss for the horde which is put into play once during the game when the Hordes graveyard reaches half of its deck capacity.

All tokens the horde plays are put into the graveyard after they die, but only if those tokens originally started in the deck and were not produced via an ability or effect.

Any choices the horde deck must make if unavoidable are determined using dice rolls.

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 Post subject: Re: EDH Horde Nest Variant
AgePosted: 2018-Jun-04 1:44 am 
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Having played a lot of horde I would like to suggest a few changes to you.
1- Each player has a life total of 20, any damage to players from unblocked creatures is done to all players. Damage from other sources is applied normally (fetch lands or massacre Wurm effects). (Players don’t need more life if they have backup, it makes the game easier. Life gain is also too strong with a unified lifetotal.)
2- Flip one card plus one card per player per turn. (Flipping until you hit X results in SUPER swingy turns. A set number of cards results in more variance within a smaller range. (No turns of ‘cast useless sorcery and do nothing else’, no turns of ‘play 30 2/2s and give them intimidate’, but ‘special cards’ can interact with each other for some interesting turns.)
3- deck count doesn’t need to change based on player count. (This just makes it harder to reset the deck and doesn’t actually make the game harder, by the time the players have done 50 damage they are often doing 50-300 damage a turn... the game is all about surviving the early game and stabilizing.)
4- activated abilities are fine, the horde should play them all. (Regeneration is great, as are effects that give a target creature wither (which basically read ‘creatures you control have wither’). Targeted effects with tap in the activation should be avoided but many activated abilities are fantastic.)
5- I let the players make all choices for the horde, with a few minor exceptions (negative effects are used on the players things, positive in he horde’s. Fact or fiction effects become choose 1... stuff like that)
6- I only convert combat damage to mill, if the horde has a lifetotal (lifelink for example) damage (including non-combat) goes there first then (if combat damage) converts to mill. I also prevent other forms of mill and don’t allow the horde to lose or players to win in any fashion other then the horde running out of cards.
7- your 80-20 split seems off, I used to have 65 tokens to 35 non-tokens and flip to a non-token, but like I said above I don’t use the flip until X mechanic anymore.

I also include a few odd things in my deck... there are curses but the stack of ‘tokens’ includes more copies so when a curse comes up EVERY player gets a copy...

A friend built a horde deck that has a land deck with it, the horde gets a land per turn (and the normal card count) and that controls how things like Nightmare or Dread Shade scale (lands tapped for other things don’t pump the shades, but when they do pump shades they pump them all). Works really well.

Edit: forgot to add, if planeswalkers are out we have a 50% chance the horde will attack the walker, if they do attack walkers each walker attracts a number of creatures with base power 2 equal to their current loyalty. Players can assign the attackers to and between ‘walkers as desired (if there aren’t enough 2 power creatures fill up walkers before moving to the next one). If it was causing problems I would switch to your method, but I kinda like the whole ‘play a walker and hope to roll the 50/50 so we can live’ moments... YMMV

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