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 Post subject: Gunslinger (5+ people Commander made faster)
AgePosted: 2017-May-08 4:09 am 

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So this is a variant that my group of friends has been playing for quite a while - we regularly have anywhere between 4 and 9 people on EDH nights, so we needed to find a way to include everybody but keep the games short-ish (1-2 hours).

Two or three weeks ago I introduced it at my LGS - there were a few guys who had played Kingdoms before and looked at it with a bit of trepidation, so for all the Kingdoms veterans here are a few things:

1) this is designed to speed up LARGE commander games
2) it's also designed to force or emphasize the political nature of multiplayer games
3) scooping or revealing your role is against the rules on the highest order. If you scoop, you screw over your team mate (if you have one), and revealing your roll means that any semblance or hint of politics is thrown out the window
4) you pick your deck BEFORE roles are dealt out. This is to promote robust deck building and make sure that people can't abuse abilities of certain roles (more on this later)
5) when you are eliminated, you reveal your role immediately (this speeds the game up and gives hints to the remaining players who the targets are)

That being said, here are the rules:

There are 6 roles total:

The Sheriff (plains)
The Deputy (mountain)
2 Outlaws (swamps)
The Gunslinger (forest)

When adding a sixth player:
The Brave (Island)

When adding a seventh player:
The Civilian (Wastes/colourless land/evolving wilds etc)

Explanations of the Roles:

Sheriff (Plains, or The Dude)
Starts with 60 life and their role revealed. The Sheriff wins if both Outlaws are dead. The Sheriff always goes first.

Notes on playing the Sheriff: Expect everybody to be your friend... Trust nobody.

The Deputy (Mountain)
The Deputy wins if both Outlaws are dead. He loses if the Sheriff dies.

Notes on playing the Deputy: You know your role, and you know your ally (The Sheriff), watch out for other people trying to "help" the Sheriff... The trick is showing the Sheriff that you're their buddy.

The Outlaws (Damn Dirty Swamps)
The Outlaws win if the Sheriff is dead.

Notes on playing an Outlaw: Making friends with the Sheriff is a great idea, till you stab him in the back. You CAN kill the Deputy if you want to, but your goal is to kill the Sheriff.

The Gunslinger (Forest)
The Gunslinger is all by their lonesome... Their job is to kill 1 Outlaw and the Deputy, if there is a Brave in the game, the Brave needs to be dead as well. The Gunslinger has a lot of work to do, but they do get a bit of help. When the Gunslinger dies they come back at the start of their next turn with all their lands and a new hand of 7 and 20 life. Between when they die and when they come back they cannot be targeted or interacted with in any way. Commander tax resets, anything in exile gets shuffled back in to their deck, anything else in the Command Zone gets removed (emblems etc).

Notes on playing the Gunslinger: You get an extra life, but you are by yourself. You can let the Deputy or the Sheriff do the heavy lifting, then pick your target and seal the win for yourself.

The Brave (Island)
The poor sixth player... The Brave has to kill 1 Outlaw, the Deputy and the Gunslinger. What makes six player games hazardous is that if the Brave DIES, they immediately kill the person that killed them. This can lead to some interesting games, and it makes it far more risky to randomly smack people.
The Brave's death effect is state-based, and can only be stopped by "you can't lose the game" type effects.

Notes on playing the Brave: You're like the Gunslinger, but more fragile. Your biggest challenge is identifying who the Gunslinger is and killing them before they kill you.

The Civilian (Colourless land de jour)
The Civilian's job is to survive. If the game ends and the Civilian is still alive, they join the winning team.

Notes on playing the Civilian: You're the hidden third member of all the teams, play politics, don't die.

Some notes: It is possible for multiple teams to win, but it's hard to do. The game is designed to speed up and self balance as people are knocked out. If the Deputy is killed, the Sheriff has to be very careful and kill both Outlaws at the same time or the Gunslinger wins.
The Brave's role is tricky, but if you can determine who the Gunslinger is and kill them the first time, they now need to get somebody else to kill you or they'll lose to your death trigger.

My group has play tested the hell out of this, and it usually leads to (mostly) fair and fun multiplayer games. It discourages comboing off because if you don't know who your target is, you might accidentally help somebody else win.

Very open to comments or suggestions, but remember to read the notes at the top first :)

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 Post subject: Re: Gunslinger (5+ people Commander made faster)
AgePosted: 2017-Jun-14 11:18 pm 

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My Group has played this variant before. Although once someone dies everyone reveals there role. Which I dont think is as fun as your variant. I think you have the best idea. I also suggested the Idea of once you die you can restart as a civilian but that wasnt adopted as an idea. But I do like that the Gunslinger gets to come back. Thats really smart.

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