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Hydra Head
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Author:  Bruticus [ 2019-Jun-30 3:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Hydra Head

Hydra Head- Think of 4 bickering hydra heads playing EDH with itself

Mostly just putting this here for my own personal reference when I get a chance to try it out, but maybe some other people will want to try it or have input.

There are only 2 decks used in this format with 4 players.
Each team chooses 1 deck from your opponents team.
Each team reveals their chosen deck at the same time.
Each team shuffles the deck their opponents chose.
Each team gives half of their deck rounded up to the opposing team
Each team now usually will have one player piloting a 50 card deck of their opponents and a 49 card deck from their own team.

Commanders are placed in a communal command zone and are available to either team. (Track commander tax per team)

When a commander leaves the battlefield return it to the command zone instead of putting it in any other zone.

Teams start the game with 40 life
If a team has 21 general damage from a single commander that team loses
If a team has 15 infect counters that team loses
If you would draw a card and your deck has no cards you do not lose the game
If you would draw a card and your deck and your teammate's deck has no cards your team loses

Purpose of the format is to be able to play a game with 4 players that wont take too long, but still be interesting since you don't know which cards are in which half of each deck, while fighting for control over the shared generals and only having to use 2 decks.

(Hint, don't pick an opponents deck that relies heavily on a single card, and pick decks with distinguishable sleeves)

Author:  Melriken [ 2019-Jul-11 12:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hydra Head

Mixing up my decks with other peoples decks?

No thanks. Not only does it have all sorts of issues with accidentally giving away/stealing cards, if multiple people are using the same sleeves arguments about who’s underground sea had that mark in the corner... but it also has massive overhead, sorting out all the cards between games so you can play the next round takes way more time.

What is your actual objective here, maybe there is a better way to get there... do you just want a little random chaos added in? I would suggest Planechase or just go get some ugly sleeves and some over coated enchantments and make your own version of a planechase deck.

Author:  Bruticus [ 2019-Jul-12 10:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hydra Head

I'll add in that both decks must have distinctively different sleeves. You aren't mixing decks up, it would be no different than loaning someone one of your decks. You would only do this variant with people you know or trust, more kitchen table magic than randoms at a store magic. Between 4 players only 2 decks are being used. Objective is to be able to play with one of your favorite decks of your opponent, but not getting the full deck creates tension because no one knows which half of the split deck has which cards.

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