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Commander roulette!
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Author:  RonB [ 2019-Jul-15 4:20 am ]
Post subject:  Commander roulette!

This is a game for entrenched players, newer players are certainly welcome.
But keep in mind financials. This Is Not an inexpensive format variant , quite the opposite in fact.
My group and I have been having a great time with this and I wanted to share it.

Firstly, bans.
Basicly its the commander bans plus tutors/fetches/searches OF ANY SORT. No demonic tutor, no fetch lands, no transmute, not even wood elves. None, at all.
But for a good reason. Your building your decks for your opponents to play and you dont wanna give away the "discovery" of the deck by cracking a fetch on turn one. It honestly hurts the experience. That's why we're here, for new fun and memorable experiences.

Secondly, decks.
Your building 6 separate decks, preferably completely different playstyle. But all around the same power levels, discuss power levels with your group if you want something specific.

Thirdly, decide who plays what.
We play in a 4 person pod so we just roll a d4 to see who's pool we pull out of and a d6 to see which deck we actually get. Obviously change as necessary for your group size.

The only special rule we use, and really suggest if any one wants to try this out.
DO NOT SABOTAGE THE DECK, dont give people full draft chaff decks, steel golems and rust elementals, give them a legit deck with a real shot at taking a win. Unless it's a zedruu deck, but that's kinda her thing. :P

Author:  Viperion [ 2019-Jul-15 7:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Commander roulette!

Interesting idea. I can see why you'd ban tutors in this format, but you're (probably?) going to have more mana-screw issues than normal if you can't even put a Terramorphic Expanse (and the rest...) in the deck.

As for the "don't build unplayable piles of crap" clause; if you have a playgroup that can stick to the spirit of the thing, you won't have a problem. If you don't have that kind of playgroup, make it so the creator of the deck gets the win, not the player. If that causes issues with players throwing games to get their deck to win, make it a shared win between creator and player.

Author:  RonB [ 2019-Jul-15 11:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Commander roulette!

We added this rule mainly because my group has a couple of newer, "mtg arena" players with the "only wins matters" mentality. Edh has done wonders for them. And that rule was to help keep some of the new generation from.. well being the mtg arena style players.

Author:  Carthain [ 2019-Jul-23 1:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Commander roulette!

Viperion wrote:
make it so the creator of the deck gets the win, not the player.

But, isn't everyone playing from the same player's pool of decks? So in every given game, all decks are created by the same player :)

At least, that's the distinction I got from OP :)

That said -- I kinda like it. Even if just one person from your playgroup (likely someone who likes brainstorming different decks and has a decent collection) does it, you can do this from time to time :)

Author:  RonB [ 2019-Jul-23 11:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Commander roulette!

You can definitely play it that way if you choose! But my play group each has a pool of decks. We roll for pool and THEN for deck.

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