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 Post subject: EDH Gauntlet Tournament - Comic Book Shoppe Ottawa June 24th
AgePosted: 2012-Jun-25 10:24 am 
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We had 28 people show up for this event, from casual to hardcore. The Gauntlet portion was 4-player multiplayer, 2 v 2 and 1 v 1. Some rules were in place to prevent comboing out; you got one point per player you eliminated in the multi event but if you went infinite in any capacity you got only a single point for winning the table.

Without further ado the event report...

I showed up with my "Turboland" Edric deck, basically as many land drop increasers, fog effects and token generators as I could fit in the 99. Ideally I just drop a ton of lands, Horn of Greed and Fog/Counter the opponents until a huge Spontaneous Generation or Beacon of Creation + Edric draws me into enough gas for Azusa/Crucible/Walk the Aeons and infinite turns.

Round 1:

Our table had Nick Sirman with Karador, Ghost Chieftain, Matthew Grant with Horde of Nations and Ryan Carnegie with Thraximundar with myself rounding out the quatuor with Edric, Spymaster of Trest.

Game was pretty easygoing...Thrax played a bunch of zombies while Karador ramped up and I cast Spontaneous Gen for eight tokens. Horde was slow to ramp up and everything got sucked into a Living Death from Karador. Eventually Thrax and Karador were in an arms race while I Capsize locked Horde and used Constant Mists/Moment's Peace to stop combat damage from occurring.

Time passes...

We're currently at the two-hour mark that was our time limit. Karador has Prime Time, Ghave, Karador, Mirari's Wake, Cabal Coffers, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and we're holding on for dear life while I Constant Mists. I had tapped out to all but four mana the previous turn to copy Matt's Seedborn Muse while he had Vorinclex (Body Double off Nick iirc) and a Muse. Failing at RTFC, I thought Muse untapped on MY turn as well so a close call as Nick untaps and attacks into Constany Mists. His Liliana of the Veil dumps that into my grave but I'm able to flashback Moment's Peace and Nick just eats a bunch of tokens/creatures to force sacrifices (there was a Grave Pact on the table at this point) and the game is a draw. Half of the table are upset their time was wasted by my Fog shenanigans but there were openings for me to take lethal several times...

Round 2: 2 v 2.

We basically had two players per team seated across from each other. I was teamed with Eric Bonvie on Wort, Boggart Auntie vs. Darcy Charette on Vorosh the Hunter and Brandon Delaney on Kaalia of the Vast.

Early game goes as expected as I Mystical Tutor into Ancestral Vision and stall out Vorosh with fog effects before casting Beacon of Creation for four tokens then Edric, drawing me four cards as Kaalia blocks Edric. We go back and forth as a Damnation and Oblivion Stone clear the board. At this point Wort is at around 23 from attacks and has Skirk Fire Marshal out and brings our opponents to 18 and 14. All our boards are clear save the Marshal and Wort starts building up, but his Dark Confidant may kill him as he's at 16 life facing down Kaalia, so I pop it back to his hand with Capsize before I Walk the Aeons, targeting him with buyback, then Walk AGAIN targeting him.

The extra two turns prove sufficient and we both get three points for eliminating our opponents while standing.

Round 3, 1 v 1 vs. Godo.

0-2 loss here sadly.
Fog effects keep me in it for a while but Godo gets Argentum Armor which slowly whittles away my mana base. I'm one mana from casting Tooth and Nail with Entwine but never get there as the Land D crushes me.

We shake hands and I place 12th of 28, well out of prize range but still decent.

Excellent turnout and everyone had fun.

Look up Magic the Gathering in Ottawa on Facebook for more EDH 1 v 1 tournaments or Gauntlet tournaments on Sundays if you're in the Canadian national capital. New players welcome!

Jasmine Boreal - Flower power! Nature/Justice/Retribution themed casual fun.
Radha, Heir to Keld - All white-bordered!
Xantcha, Sleeper Agent - cEDH discard/attrition.
A Denying Wind.
Duel Commander:
Nissa, Vastwoord Seer - Ramp ramp ramp into Ugin+Painter's Servant.
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider - Unbridled Aggro

Find me Saturdays at the Wizard's Tower - Ottawa and occasional Mondays at Westboro Legion for Duel Commander.

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