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 Post subject: Rowan and WIll Kenrith Spellslingers Extraordinaire!
AgePosted: 2019-Sep-11 1:14 am 
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I finally got it at least up to 98+2 today so wanted to get some feedback. I am hoping to get at least a few cards to add some flavor and upgrade it with ToE coming out in a few weeks. If there is something that is glaringly wrong please let me know.

I did purchase the Jeskai precon and ripped out the white, so there are some cards in here that I want to try a few times like Wall of Stolen Identity that will likely be cut in a month or more. I did play it against the Naya deck and locked down their Ghired, Conclave Exile saving me from a Rhino beatdown, but overall not that impressed.

Shabbaman wrote:
The usual answer is "the social contract", but I guess that is not what you are looking for. Try house rules.

With perfect mana, reasonable removal, disruption, and card advantage, we're back to pitchforks and torches. And it's about to get worse for those who do not enjoy the game as Richard Garfield intended, playing as few win conditions as possible and prompting concession after all hopes (and spells) are lost. - Shaheen Soorani

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